Supertest: T-34M-54 (More Complete Stats) T-34M-54. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Tier: MT-7, USSR, premium
HP: 1 250
Engine: 500 hp
Mass: 33,9 t
Maximum load: 36,0 t
Power-to-weight: 14,75 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 55 / –20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 38,59 °/s
Gun turning speed: 37,55 °/s
Terrain resistance values: — / — / —
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 730 m

Hull armor: 75 / 45 / 45 mm
Turret armor: 200 / 120 / 75 mm

Gun: 85 mm ZiS-53

Alpha Damage: 180 / 180 / 300
Penetration: 171 / 210 / 44 mm
Rate of fire: 11,18 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 012
Reload time: 5,37 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,37
Aiming time: 2,88 s
Depression / Elevation: -7 ° / +17 °

Rounds in ammo rack: 64 rounds

Crew – 5 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator and Loader.

Equipment category: Mobility.

Role in battle: Universal medium tank (Well-balanced vehicles capable of performing a wide range of combat tasks. They can easily adapt to the specificity of the map and tactical situation).

Camouflage Values:

  • Camouflage of the stationary tank: 15,05 / 3,76 % (for the stationary tank / for the stationary tank after firing a shot);
  • Tank camouflage during movement: 11,29 / 2,82 % (during movement / after firing on the move).

10 thoughts on “Supertest: T-34M-54 (More Complete Stats)

  1. Uh huh. Let’s take two assets already in game. Slam them together, Sprinkle some bullshit on top and find a whale to harpoon once successfully convincing them they need this new turd.

    1. It has the turret from the T-54 First Prototype. At tier VII! The DPM is actually higher than on that that tank. It’s anything but weak. However, based on the soft stats, it will be quite slow for a medium tank (more like a faster heavy), and the gun handling is pretty bad as well. I’d say it’s “balanced”.

  2. So, an uptiered T-34-85M with a T-44 turret? Maus with Loltraktor turret when?

    Also, 2.9 seconds aim time. I guess these new tanks are balanced taking the field mods into account – that is, you want your elite-as-stock premium tank to perform optimally? Grind wannabe modules on it.

  3. Power-to-weight: 14,75 hp / t
    aim time is just plain STUPID for a 85mm Gun

    in todays 4min turbo dumbass battles that (14,75 hp / t) will be a big weakness and as its a paper Premium a artificial pointless ‘balancing’ weakness

    still a ‘almost decent’ Tier 7 Medium is very nice
    ((instead of endless endless Tier 8 Premiums

    still its Super Test so ……… ?

  4. Weird aim time for an 85mm.
    It would be better it they replace that over armored Mod 1 turret, with the stock T44 turret and slap that 85mm on with an 2.30 sec aim time. That would be a decent tier 7 prem med.

  5. The gun couldn’t hid the side of a barn…
    but the tank looks nice.
    Also the stats might still get changed. who knows who cares

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