Update Snowfall Style Set Pictures

Snowfall style set from yesterday’s micropatch. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 1,250 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers. Probably only for the the RU server.

A multi-season style designed to commemorate the collaboration between World of Tanks and Yandex.

The first snow is considered the unofficial beginning of winter and a sign to look for warm clothes, buy skis and sleds, and get ready for the holidays. When people see the morning yard covered in white fluff, they quickly tell family members about it and call relatives and friends in other cities to ask if they have snow too. This meteorological phenomenon is sure to be the focal point in the morning news and it will be extensively covered during the working day.

In a few weeks, winter will bring (or not) heavy snowfall. During this time, children play in the snow, pedestrians and drivers break through obstacles made of billions of snowflakes, and law enforcement tests snow removal equipment. Many people experience unexplained joy, nostalgic for a carefree childhood, look for a real winter miracle … and remember that they have not yet changed their car tires to winter ones.

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