Update 1.14.1: “Fireworks Night” Camouflage Pictures

This is the “Fireworks Night” camouflage added to the 1.14.1 update files. Treated as non-historical, valued at 50 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.


6 thoughts on “Update 1.14.1: “Fireworks Night” Camouflage Pictures

  1. What the frak is this? Uuf… WG really? Not even funny. This is sure only for EU server, am I right WG?

  2. I will never understand why wg makes these very over the top, cluttered, and excessive skins. It’s like taking the entirety of 1-1 from super Mario and slapping it all over your tank, it just looks like a mess. Idk why they don’t go for more simple skins/styles like a blue glowing hexagon pattern that covers the tank nicely, or they could just take inspiration from csgo/payday skins if they wanted to be kinda lazy about it.

    It’s not a super terrible style, but it’s still pretty gross looking.

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