Update 1.14: “Primipilus” 3D Style for 🇬🇧 Centurion Action X

Style treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Obtainable as part of the sixth season of the Battle Pass.

— Do you know what it’s like in the navy? Say you are on duty in the engine room and are tasked with maintaining the pressure in the boilers, making sure the manometer arrows point in the right direction. And you are keeping an eye on these manometers while there is a battle outside. The ship shakes from enemy shell hits, it shakes when your own guns fire—but you don’t see any of it, you can only feel it and know that there are people out there doing their jobs just like you are down here. And then everything quiets down and you don’t hear any more gunfire, any explosions. You think it’s all over and you’ve finally won.

But then a cup rolls down a table that’s tilted for some reason. And you don’t yet understand that the guns are silent because the ammunition storage is already flooded. That the upper deck is already under water. But you keep watching the arrows because you haven’t gotten another order. And you won’t—the comms are dead, the bridge is down. In a minute, the lights will go down, the ship will break in half, and ice-cold water will rush into your room and take you along with all your boilers and manometers. And then will come the realization that the ship is down. And that you went down with it half an hour ago. But you can’t report this to anyone. The news about it came with the water.

You see? And you’re complaining to me that it’s all over, that we’re stuck here forever with this damaged track? What do you even know, lad. Take the crowbar. Do your damn job. To the end. Until the water comes.

12 thoughts on “Update 1.14: “Primipilus” 3D Style for 🇬🇧 Centurion Action X

  1. Makes me wonder why Seb isn’t taking action and deleting this piece of absolute shitike he does with any comments that dare to even slightly criticise TAP

  2. Not a fan of those things going ontop of the tank.
    Like the JP100 style with the light ….
    I … i feel like its telling my foes where i am looking

    Overall lots of work and nice and all but its sooo cramned with stuff glued to the tank :<

  3. I buy it, 5000 battle pass .as of now it is in a Depot. I Don’t know when do they transfer into my garage.

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