Sandbox 2021: Crew 2.0

Sandbox 2021: Crew 2.0

Quick information: if everything goes according to plan, the sixth stage of the Sandbox server will be launched in mid-July. During the sandbox test, we will be able to test Crew 2.0.

Redesigned Crew 2.0 – new and redesigned skills and perks, a new crew and progress system, and a new instruction function. You will also learn how your current crews will be adapted to the new system.

33 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Crew 2.0

  1. We need to stop this as fast as possible. Update 1.13 has been a fail, the Steam release was a fail. Crew 2.0 will kill the game.

    We must keep doing bad reviews on Steam abd forcing new players to leave the game, so WG learns to not make idiotic, illogical and retard updates and changes like this ones.

      1. aha
        you mean more imbecile p2w gold since the 3rd option for F2P players was kinda nerfed??
        great balance and skill gameplay !

        1. theres no more HE, now only HEAT. thats pretty much what wg wanted in the first place. more people spending more money on gold rounds, spending more credits, needing more money to buy them, so they are buying more premium time. in the end, its pretty obvious, and expected.

          1. I play WoT to have fun and it’s a hobby so i can pay for it. I buy these great christmas boxes and i have gold and premium time for the whole year and i play a lot of premium tanks to play tier 10 tanks with a lot of gold ammo agianst these super havies. So where is the problem? I don’t understand these dumb argumentation from all these f2p players. If there aren’t players who pay for some stuff the servers will shut down. So stop whining and use your wits.

    1. 1.13 was not a fail. Steam release was only disliked because no one could log in to their main account. Crew 2.0 would not kill the game. If done correctly, then it could improve the game.

      Why would you want to the game to fail even though you love this game? Could it be because you are a loser? Could it be because you are no good at the game, so instead of blaming yourself, you blame the game?

      1. lul. You can use Steam to login with your original account. You can either create a new account using your steam account OR “Add a non-Steam Game to My Library”. The stat recording for steam thou will not count all of your previous hours played etc.

    1. If they remove the rediculous grind, the rediculous overpowered benifits of such a grind, and the stupid instructors system, then the rest isn’t half bad.

      1. ok, remove the OP stuff, the severe grind and the instructor system … sound to me like “NO TO CREW 2.0!”. because what else is there? the retarded random perk/skill combinations and a UI made for players 6 years and younger?
        once you reach the big 7, you will understand…

        without the grind and credit sink, WG would never implement this. they are incompetent and desperate, so going full retarded on their milking scam is their only option.
        alternatively, they could just have made 6th sense a 0 perk, capped arty at 2 and balanced tanks around normal ammo (removing gold ammo). this could have been done in half a day, but listening to other people’s ideas would seemingly have hurt the belaruskis’ pride. or maybe they would have had to come up with actual creative ideas of their own from then on, which – as we all know – they are incapable of.

        tl;dr: never go full retard/eekeepoo!

      2. You know the skill limits is the worst?
        In crew 2.0 every skill cost like it was repair or cammo, for example smoth ride. 10 points to max it.
        U get 10 points for 4/5 crew memebers at 100%, max amount of points 75.
        So you can only select 7,5 skills.
        In the actual system u have more than 7,5 because a lot of them are 1 member skills (driver,commander etc etc)

  2. A polished turd is still a turd.

    The first iteration of Crew 2.0 was a giant roulette and money/credits sink, there is no way WG will let go of the potential to make more money, even if they tweaked the system to be less retarded than it was when originally tested.

  3. Very impressive the way people pretend that what isnt killing WoT is 25% RNG and MM rigging shots and complete clueless/autist teams just to benefit those who pay premium Accounts/Tanks…
    But sure crew 2.0 is broken.
    Ex soviets Incompetent people… I wonder how WG have the courage to pay their employees salary, the guys fail even to produce maps… Jesus, pity of these people…

  4. If this goes through I’m leaving. Not going to redo all my crews and learn a new system and that requires hours of watching YouTube. Far less frustrating and rewarding things to do out there playing the same maps and grind in this game.

  5. Cynicism is always appropriate when considering what WG is ACTUALLY up to, but I sometimes wonder if what this is really about is streamlining server-side operations. The new HE system is apparently easier to calculate and more efficient server operations is a real money-saver for Minsk. Even if Crew 2.0 went in unchanged from the initial iteration it still wasn’t enough to make me quit. Getting rid of inefficient legacy systems is always a high-priority of IT managers.

    This is unlike World of Warships where I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to uninstall; and did. I’m finding it hard to find the time to play anyway and WoWs was turning into a second job.

  6. As it stands Crew 2.0 is just another blatant mega money grabbing scam for our credit cards Cash going straight into Wargame bloated offshore Bank account in Cyprus

    Money scams this epically blatant and obvious will just simply hurt WOT to the point of no return

    Crew 2.0 should ideally be about new exiting ideas to improve crew skills or make it more understandable what each skill actual means/ does for New players – on top of what we already have for free …
    or at least almost free

    considering – the HUGE amount of Crew long term players have created over many years

    considering- i DONT want to LOSE all my Female Crew members which come with +2 skills as rewards for WOT Missions etc

    considering – i and YOU paid cash real money for Female crew +2 skills free and Santa Clause +3 skills free with REAL cash money

  7. The first iteration of crew 2.0 was Feb/March of this year if I am not mistaken. I did participate in that version of crew 2.0, and I got to say, there was A LOT of things that needed to be reworked or fixed. I initially guessed it would be at least another year before another version would appear, but this next version of crew 2.0 seems way to soon to introduce. I doubt WG was able to truly gather everyone’s feedback and fix/improve crew 2.0 this quick considering other projects in development (like the Czech Heavies). I can only speculate again that the second round of crew 2.0 is more or less the same as the first round. We will see when it comes out, I suppose.

  8. Ugh, not this crap again. Should be called Poo 2.0. The HE rework has been fun so far, a KPZ 07RH shot into the side and rear armor of my Panther II several times doing less than 50 damage. 🙂

  9. This is WOT today. “after the common test, we found the HE changes were not acceptable. We will continue to work on this” Two months later, they release the same HE changes in the update. We have no confidence they won’t do the same thing with the CREW 2.0. And don’t get me started on Arty. Many players spent years grinding every branch (just like they did w/crew skills) and now they are literally worthless to play.

    1. Ikr? Everyone is shitting on arty players, but have they ever stopped to think how hard was for that player to grind the arty line? No. Not one tank was so nerfed as the arty is today. Brain dead community blaming the arty and embracing the OP tanks that are now even more OP because the arty and HE shells are nerfed to the ground.

      1. The only change arty needed was a maximum of 2 per team. As others have suggested they could remove the arty-related missions from the campaigns and that would fix all the MM issues surrounding arty.

      2. Hmm more camping, now ht will piss on lower types and more will come to cry. They all deserve it. From clicker clicker, the retards will go to camper camper 🤣

  10. Rigged matches, OP wheeled vehicles, still 3 arty per team, still gold spamming… but no, crew needs to be reworked.

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