WoT: Summer Trade-In

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Our Trade-In event is back! Time to air out your Garage and exchange old rides for new favorites! Just as the game evolves, so does your playstyle. What was once your favorite tank might now just be collecting dust in your Garage instead of XP and credits on the battlefield. The Trade-In is the perfect opportunity to get one last bang out of an old companion.

From June 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) through July 9 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), exchange Premium vehicles from your collection for new rides from the trade-in list and get a nice gold discount!

Check out the exchange calculator below to see how much you’ll save.

Trade-In: Eligibility

The general rule is as follows: You can trade in any Premium vehicle of Tier VI–VIII when buying a new Premium vehicle of the same tier or higher that is available in the Tech Tree. It’s only possible to trade in one vehicle at a time. When trading in, half of your old tank’s value in gold will be subtracted from the price of the vehicle you’re buying.

New Additions

Vehicles available for purchase:

Tier VI

Tier VII


Vehicles that cannot be traded in:

Tier VII


Example: Trading in an old Premium tank gives you half of its value in gold. This amount will be directly deducted from the price of the tank that you want to buy. Therefore, if you want to purchase a VIII Löwe (11,200) in exchange for a VI Dicker Max (2,800), you’ll only need an additional 9,800.

How to Trade In Tanks


Vehicles eligible for purchase with a trade-in option will be displayed as follows:

In the Tech Tree

In the tank purchase menu

Method 1: Via the In-Game Store

Method 2: Via the Tech Tree

Important to Remember

  • The trade-in feature will be available until July 9 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).
  • You can only trade in vehicles that are of a lower or equal tier to the vehicle you want to purchase, but no lower than Tier VI.
  • You can only trade in one vehicle per transaction.
  • The gold value of vehicles may be affected by active discounts on Premium tanks.
  • Ammunition, equipment, consumables, and customizations applied to the vehicle that is being traded in will be automatically demounted and placed in the Depot for free.
  • Vehicle-bound customizations can only be used if you get the tank again in the future.
  • The crew present in the vehicle that is being traded in will be automatically placed in the Barracks. The trade-in will not be possible if there are not enough free bunks in the Barracks to accommodate them.
  • Tanks used for trade-ins cannot be restored with the Restore functionality.
  • You don’t need to buy an extra Garage slot when trading in. The new tank will be placed in the slot previously occupied by the vehicle that was traded in.

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