Battle Pass Season V Begins

A new Battle Pass season has started today on all servers. There are 150 levels spread across 3 chapters, with these 3 vehicles as prizes:

X :flag_fr: HT AMX 50 B;
X :flag_pl: LT CS 63;
X :flag_gb: TD FV217 Badger.

All of these 3 vehicles have unique 3D styles, with levels based on the stage you have reached. There are also unique crew members rewarded for finishing a chapter, and various other rewards such decals, styles, premium days, etc. There is also the the new Bounty Exhaust System.

You can earn up to 70 Battle Pass points per day from daily missions, more than you could do before. The points can also be earned in other modes such as Recon Mission, Frontline.

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