WoT: Reasons to NOT buy the Battle Pass

Skill4ltu explains the game issues that are not yet fixed.

PS: Uni is finally over forever, passed everything, should catch up with everything in the following days. Thank you for your patience.

24 thoughts on “WoT: Reasons to NOT buy the Battle Pass

  1. he still forgot the lack of weakpoints and p2w premiums…
    but overall hats off ! Finally the right attitude

    i was just disappointed until now how he said “it is how it is, not much what you can do”..well, now looks like he changed his mind πŸ™‚

    1. he didnt change his mind, he just doesnt like to cry all the time. he sometimes rants for a few mins but overall he is just trying to spread positive vibes, even though the game sucks and he doesnt enjoy it as much as he did.

  2. haha skill4ltu got mad after WG removed the free rental Carro45t from his account?
    interesting timings to get mad from him… πŸ˜€

    1. Skill got mad WHILE playing with Carro. He was playing super competitively with a garbage tank and all problems in the game became more obvious ten fold.

  3. 5 thougths and his convlusion is fair.

    but wg worked on gold ammo. more or less in the same direction. but a lot of users cried. so not wg was not working on it. a part of the community is against it.

    1. the only reason why p2w ammo test was thrown to toilet is because they refused to get rid of P2W, the prices.
      Of course it was irelevant and useless if the price was still a premium price

  4. I believe he still missed to mention that:
    – The map rotation system it’s broken;
    – Clan Wars Tier XI tanks;
    – HE shells made arty a complete useless class now (yesterday with one of my Tier X artys I shot 279(e) twice, direct shots and…. 122 damage in total! YES … Total!)!;
    – Etc…

      1. arti got nerfed? today in t8 battle 1st hit from arti took 522 hp….2nd hit took 478 hp…and my Chinese td was dead

    1. Engineer in the field of Agriculture. Starting wages in this sector are not so good though and the work is harsh, so I’ll just try various odd jobs until I find something comfortable enough.

  5. Congratulations for finishing University!!!!
    I hope you find soon a job that you like!

  6. Everything skill analyzed is spot on and I thank Seb for sharing this video on his blog. I hope more CCs in all clusters (especially RU since it’s WG’s home ground and AFAIK there’s direct online contact between the community and the devs there) speak up about the many problems World of Tanks has and increase awareness among the playerbase.

  7. Great, but not paying for this game is not enough. As you compared it to a Kebab shop “not buying there anymore” but still making a crowd which attracts more people to buy this ugly kebab. The only way to make a point is to uninstall the game and during that process, there is a survey and there you can write why you doing this. Otherwise, you playing this game is just making a crowd and other players will pay for it. It is more likely that people will spend money on a popular game rather than empty servers and long waiting mm. (On YT he’s removing this comment constantly πŸ˜‰ CHeers.

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