WoT: Next Battle Pass Vehicles & Other News

For Season 5, we will have 3 tier 10s:

:flag_fr:AMX 50 B (HT)
:flag_pl:CS 63 (MT)
:flag_gb:FV217 Badger (TD)

All vehicles will have progressive 3D styles.

Frontline returns too. A new Bounty equipment will be introduced: Bounty Low-Noise Exhaust.

A new mode, Recon Mission, will appear too. It will allow players to test future maps in late stages of development before they are released. Battle Pass points will be rewarded to participants.

Ranked Battles should return soon, too. It will be a separate testing event, with 1 SPG per team (at max), 2 LTs per team (at max), 10×10 battles, and less chevrons for completing divisions (94). Again, Battle Pass points will be rewarded. Another piece of equipment that will be added is the Improved Compressor, a better Turbocharger.

20 thoughts on “WoT: Next Battle Pass Vehicles & Other News

    1. frontline will come later this year, the NA streamer who said it wont come was wrong, its been corrected since then.

    2. They never said that it is not coming this year. They said they start with Steel Hunter and in the second half of the year we will see Frontline returing after some updates.

      There was some fake news, also posted in an article that stated that there will be no frontline this year. But as I said, it was never said by WG.

  1. Any news on new turbo? It’s the only equipment I want. Skipped improved aim, but improved turbo could be nice if price is lowered to 1 – 1.5k gold.

  2. Frontline should be tier 6 do I can use old premiums like Excelsior and Tog 2

  3. Is noone concerned about more and more bounty equipment bein released that f2p Players cant get their hands on?
    E.g. i can already not build an improved aiming bourrasque because the 5% Bonus from the standard equipment is not worth it while the 8% Bonus of the Bounty version is pretty neat.
    Now we will get +9% (?) Camou for Mediums and TDs if you pay for the Battlepass. You can then build a 37% Camou on the move BC or a 44% camou on the move UDES03 TD. Even a 22% Camou on the move Grille might be interesting.

    But only, of course, if you pay for it.

    1. True. Improved equipment is factor that increases the role of pay to win in the game. It also adds to the worrying trend in the game that it is possible to create ever more extreme builds which thoroughly mess up game balance. WG doesn’t seem to mind, crew 2.0 shows that they are actually planning to take this even further. I think these extreme builds are a main contributing factor while matches tend to get ever shorter, and why many people call the game ‘broken’.

  4. If it’s bonded then it doesn’t seem so bad, however, the problem is then the constant increasing gap between experienced players and those that have just started. Experienced players have more bonds and better equipment already. I guess it makes sense to add them as most equipment has a bounty/bond version now.

  5. Sure thing. Lets add bounty/improved equipment of very powerful things to fuck the balance even mroe. And next is an Improved CVS with 40% reduced camo so games can be even faster, Thanks.

  6. If you complain then wot fanbois copy n paste the answers about why skill based match making doesn’t work…
    Nobody asks for that, what players ask for is team balancing in match maker.
    Players with 87,000 battles vs players with 1,000 is not fair.
    The 87k player will have better crews, actually use equipment and know the maps etc the other 1k battle player won’t.

    1. You should just google “CoD: Cold War skilled MM failure”

      Skilled MM will never work and will never make game more enjoyable. If you play poorly, you need to improve, but if you will play againts same tomatos as you, you will never improve and will never have the motivation to do so.

      Players with 1000 battles should never play tier 9/10, it is their stupidity if they do, my first tier 10 battle was after playing 8000 battles, back then I was 1100 wn8 player, now 3600.

      1. He never said sbmm. He said team balancing. Two different things.
        3600 wn8 still makes you a n00b

    2. “Players with 87,000 battles vs players with 1,000 is not fair”

      I call BS, I have seen way too many players with high battle counts that were actually worse than new players.

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