WoT – might Stalingrad return?

Not so long ago in the comments section of a YouTube channel, Andrius Klimka (composer of soundtracks for WoT) published an entry in which he informed about the creation of the song “Stalingrad”. According to wotclue, this may mean the return of the map to WoT in a slightly changed form or as part of an event that is most likely related to the Soviet T-34 mod. 1940, which was introduced not so long ago to the Supertest.

11 thoughts on “WoT – might Stalingrad return?

  1. If it is coming back they better not touch it.

    So sick of these Moba Maps, It would finally be nice to have a map where light tanks and fast mediums can do something other than suicide or snipe.

    Stalingrad was one of the only urban maps I looked forward to when I was playing my LTs and MTs back in the day, due to the flanking routes, the buildings and cover made it easy to move around and you can take cover from sky cancer, hell if you were good enough you could kill all of them before the 1 min mark, it was funny to see them rage in chat about it. (Probably the real reason it was removed.) it was also a nice change of pace over passive scouting, which you were usually forced to do at the start of match on any other map at the time. on Stalingrad you can play to your heart’s content.

    If they turn this map into a Moba map by making it impossible to go from one side/corner. (Any side/corner really.) Of the map to the other, either by placing impassible obstacles or turning the middle into a killing field. than all hope is lost. There would be nothing left to look forward to in this game, other than waiting on new nations to be introduced, I cant see why anyone would want to play this game in its current state.

  2. I very much welcome the return of Stalingrad, but considering what WG has done so far in terms of map designs and, aah, “reworks”, I’m not too hopeful.

    I mean, look what they did to Charkiv ffs…

  3. I also hope it will return unchanged. If the made it even bigger, I’d love it. Warthunder city maps are huge, I want to see that kind of city battles in WOT too. No more 2-to-3-lane-diarrhea please!

  4. So much hate back in the day from the EU servers StalinCrap even more hate from the RU servers with StalinCrap ~ which is why it was removed single most hated Map in the game back then for good reasons

    If they do bring it Back it CANNOT be just a Heavy Armor Vehicle ‘only map’ where you just need the ‘W’ key nothing else

    and all the Light Armor Vehicles like
    Light Tanks
    Tank Destroyers
    Medium Tanks

    can simply as the eloquent WG Dev ‘Storm’ used to say “Go F- – k yourselves”

    but WG and its WOT Maps jeez man .. lol, my 11 year old nephew can draw far better Maps in his porridge bowl

    1. Gameplay is fine for medium tanks and assault tank destroyers. Camping light tanks, sniping tank destroyers are super annoying anyway. Makes the gameplay turn into every one just hiding out of fear of invisible tanks spotting them and other invisible tanks shooting them. And don’t get me started with those demonic self-propelled guns… Any map that is bad for scouts, snipers, and artillery are great maps in my opinion. This is why Stalingrad WAS my favourite map, and now it is Ensk. Malinovka and Prokorovka are maps from hell. All the games are too long and drawn out because all you can do in those retarded maps is hide from camping f****ts.

        1. its not a learn to play problem for those people, they simply choose a tactical game and want to treat it like a FPS with tanks and run and gun.
          they should try a different game

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