WoT: Upcoming Marathon Reward Revealed

According to wotclue, everything indicates that the Kampfpanzer 07 RH will be up for grabs in the next marathon.

Link to Kampfpanzer 07 RH stats

Date: May 21-31
Tank available for purchase on: May 21 – June 3
The tank has a 2D and 3D style.

36 thoughts on “WoT: Upcoming Marathon Reward Revealed

  1. I’m still hoping it’s the Czech heavy, I just don’t think this thing is going to work very well with it’s huge thinly armored turret and low alpha. To me it looks like the only thing it will be able to do is snipe from complete concealment or trade its hp for assassinating a target that has less than 600hp which even when fully maxed out with bond equipment and food will take 7.5 seconds. Most people will probably have standard equipment and no food which will take 8.22 seconds and most tanks you’d be trying to finish off could hit you back just as hard in that amount of time.

    1. Pretty sure you ll see a lot of these tanks in the matchmaker soon if its coming out in the marathon so the rusian bias wont work here 😉

  2. Almost 5 k dpm if dpm optimized and with chocolate against light armored vehicles or sides or asses (320 dmg with 90 pen in under 4 s) good upper frontal plate prevents autoaim while hunting most lights or lower tier tanks godlike on the move gunhandling excellent module dmg helps with tracking good ramming potential because of superb mobility and strong frontal armor
    usefull in view range and camo values so you can attack seperated or over agressive tanks
    probably devastating in platoon of 3 using these
    nobody will call this trash after some days of action this thing could outperform my panthera from hunting stuff like seperated borasq or 130 pm by far imho and the tank was great in this job already

    1. Are there any tier 8 medium tanks being successfully played as HE-based dpm monsters? As far as I know the only tanks getting any mileage out of HE at this tier are a few lights or td’s and even at higher tiers we see derp tanks not HE dpm machines.

      If the KPZ had a decent turret then I think it would be workable but as it stands it has to be exposed for long periods of time to do any damage which is going to hurt its survivability and flexibility. The KPZ might be decent in the hands of super skilled players but for the average to even above average player I suspect the Panther 8.8 would perform better with its 40% higher alpha and similar dpm.

      Personally I’d love to see a Leopard downtiered to tier 8. It could keep the Leo PTA’s armor, specific power, speed, traverse and camo ratings. Give it 1300 hit points, a dpm around 2100 and an accurate ~300 alpha gun. I’d give it a very high pen HEAT round as its premium round since the whole point of the Leopard was to operate in an environment where HEAT made armor less important. It would play like a German Lansen C and we’d have a reasonably competitive and good looking tier 8 German premium medium tank.

      Along those lines the Panther 8.8 could be a good vehicle if they gave it the tier 8 Panther’s armor or boosted its mobility.

      1. I ve seen similarities with the t 8 light tank lekpz M41 just a little bit stronger in armor and dpm but trades with pen scouting and camoflage skills
        its not so bad to have this weak turret it balances it same with the low alpha
        Think it could have its role in the game and will underperform if you dont play it well so guess it wont be easy to play but its pretty unique tank which seems to be balanced so why not if you like its playstyle like me you should try to get it especially if its free

  3. It might be a good tank until the honeymoon period ends then… ninja nerf WG styles.
    So it’s never worth getting any non russian tank, because they always get nerfed.

    How many of you have a skorp g?. How about a panther 88, that’s been buffed TWICE and still …..

    Best to stick to russian biased tanks.

  4. premium tank so wont get nerfed I think
    are you even playing the game? a lot of non russia tanks around that are very good
    Scorpion G is a very good tank and the 8.8 is at least okish now

    If you dont like the game anymore its time to quit probably

    1. You’re right random internet anonymous stranger!, if even human?.

      I should completely disregard my own fact based opinion built on years and tens of thousands of hours of experience, and respect yours, who i just met right now…!.

      Is that how internet works?.

      1. The best tanks in the game for each class are not Russian. EBR is the best light, Progetto 46 is the best medium, Chieftain is the best heavy, T110E3 or STRV 103B are the best tank destroyers, Conqueror GC is the best arty, etc. I think the most you can say is that there are competitive Soviet tanks in every class which can’t be said for every nation but every nation has vehicles that perform very well. Right now Czech might be the weakest in that regard but it’s also a very small tech tree and you can do good work with the TVP.

        1. The Czech tree the weakest? The Tier IX and X are among the strongest mediums in their Tiers, as is the Tier VI Skoda. The one real lemon is the Tier VIII “Defender Killer”, but all in all the tree is far from weak.

          The point about many of the best tanks not being Russian, that may be true, but if you look at the whole picture, there is still a pattern of Russian dominance. There are simply so many extremely strong Russian tanks – Object 268 4, Object 430u, Object 279, Object 703 II, Object 907 etc. The stats of some are even blown up to be completely unrealistic (7° gun depression of the LT432, Object 703’s absurd dispersion values) to please the Russian audience. This pattern becomes all the more obvious if the you compare it to the German tech tree, which has always been the original and main antagonist nation in WoT. Of course, there are some extremely strong German vehicles as well, especially on lower Tiers (Pz V/IV, Pz. II J, E25) as well as some exceptions in higher ones (notably the Kpz 50t), but in higher Tiers dominant German tanks are the exception, not the rule. And there are many real lemons, both in the tech trees and among the premium tanks.

      2. You should consider to stop playing WoT. Also I would strongly advice you to seek out psychological help, you may have schizophrenia. Either that or you’re mentally challenged.

        1. Only here to insult people without having played the game right?
          Just continue living in your bubble man and stop wasting our time…

      3. Dont care about your opinion I dont even know you but I told the truth so accept it or dont

  5. Since when is HE a thing?
    The HE changes will make this tank obsolete. That’s why they selling it now. So all you idiots buy it then find it useless when HE is nerfed.
    The turret looks lovely for my M44 to smash into. Having a high DPM won’t matter when you dead lol

    1. HE changes will make this tank great, then you can just use your HE shells as AP shells and permatrack people to dead with 5k dpm

  6. wasnt on the testserver as they tested he but I am not sure if it will come out and even if it will have advantages to pen spaced armor which could be interesting for this tank
    and a m44 could pen it easy yes like most light tanks but for that you have to hit it and if you expose your position with your fire you can expect a visit soon and frontally it wont be so easy to kill it with this mobility arty will be my least concern even op shit as m44 😉

    1. It will be better, but not for anyone. Especially the ones without skill that just want to trade and make the same hulldown gameplay all day long.

  7. gonna make good use of my premium account during that marathon … Warthunder premium account, that is.

  8. I would doubt that this would be the marathon tank – especially with the Czech heavies in the wings. Wargaming does these marathons so that most players will spend money after getting about a 50% discount. Who is going to spend money on another German medium other than collectors? But if it is the Czech premium heavy they will have a lot more players spending real money. If I were Wargaming it would be the Czech heavy. But logic and Wargaming are not two things I would use in the same sentence.

    1. Because the existing Tier VIII premium mediums are mediocre (Mutz) or worse (Räumpanzer)? Because the Rh 07 actually looks like a could be a meta-tank? And as regards the Czech heavies – don’t you worry, they will work out to cash in on those just fine.

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