7 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: “Victorious Star” Style Set – More Pictures

  1. I’ve got friends who grew up in the USSR, a lot of them have a weird pro-Soviet thing going on but to them “Soviet” means something different than what you might expect. It’s more about getting drunk and doing crazy stuff together and it probably arose from what ordinary people did to just try and survive living day to day under that regime. Other than that yeah, Stalin and Marxism are ethically equivalent to Hitler and Nazism. People joke about the KV-2’s shells being guided by the hand of Stalin, imagine somebody making a joke about the Leopard 1’s shells being guided by the hand of Hitler. For a lot of us Eastern Europeans there is no difference between the two. They scrubbed all the Nazi symbolism from the game, they should remove the Marxist symbolism too.

    1. But they can’t and never will because they are nostalgic of the regime that mass murdered and starved their own people and the man himself Stalin who signed it all.With keeping all this memorabilia in the game they approve communism and indorse said regime,with all that said i don’t think WG is the right company to support nor they belong operating on EU and NA markets.

    2. To be fair, alcohol ruined the Soviet Union (and Russia), USSR were quite a force before allowing alcohol again.

    3. I would rather prefer if they didn’t scrub any symbols from the game and instead accepted that history is what history is and instead of trying to hide it we should rather bring it forward and learn about it so that we can avoid the same mistakes again.

      1. I can also agree with that haptox, the history is what it is and I’m mature enough to be able to handle it. My biggest concern is that we have two evil ideologies here but only one is being recognized as such while the other is currently enjoying widespread popularity instead of being called out as the murderous and totalitarian abomination that it is. I will say that I do want to retain the ability to remove such symbolism from tanks I play. I can appreciate the historical significance and engineering of weapons created even by evil regimes and I can handle seeing the symbolism in game or elsewhere but I personally don’t want it representing me. I’d rather play the tanks from the perspective of captured enemy equipment. Along those lines I appreciate what WG did with making Admiral Lutjens a playable commander in Warships. It’s a way to tell the story of a real man who tried to do the right thing in a very bad situation.

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