Tanks for bonds – future update ETA

During a recent stream, the developers announced that there will be a change of the vehicles offered in the bond shop. We can expect a bond shop update this summer. On the RU forum no one answers questions about the bond shop, these questions are simply bypassed, and sometimes they are banned.

19 thoughts on “Tanks for bonds – future update ETA

  1. What….? :O Banned questions on the WOT forum? Noooooooo…. Since when? ahaha
    Banned questions & answers? Never seen! NEVER! I mean… Happened me twice BUT… I can’t say it happened because if I say such things… My life may be in danger! Like… Russian style!

  2. Dude pls be careful, it happened to me as well. 3 russian thugs were knocking in my door. The first took a penetrating hit by my sawed off Shotgun in his hull, the others were just splashed.

    I chopped their arms and legs off and send their tortured bodies back to Putin via UPS Express.

    1. So .. a Shotgun is the right answer to fight back in the forum? Hmmm… Ok! I just quit the forum but if a Shotgun works… maybe I show up with one!

      Regarding the Bond shop…. Who cares? I have 40k bonds waiting for a decent deal…and… Decents deals don’t exist. Well… If you pay… you do get “pretty nice” deals actually!
      I guess I need a Shotgun and a wallet that’s not empty!

  3. I banned those cheeky muppets. How bloody stupid can you be to ask honest questions about the game. Mate, the forum is reserved for wallies that can’t even write one full sentence. Even better since I don’t have to reply with some rubbish by rolling my face on the bloody keyboard. Brilliant!

  4. of course WG said last July when ranked came out—>New Items for Bonds
    With the start of Ranked Battles 2020–2021, we’ll update the list of items available for bonds in the in-game shop. You’ll be able to get your hands on a number of valuable goodies. Check them out:

    VIII IS-5 (Object 730) 10,000
    VIII KV-4 Kreslavskiy 10,000
    VIII IS-6 B 8,000
    VIII M46 Patton KR 8,000
    VIII Chrysler K GF 8,000

    Now they want to do nothing and to leave the old stuff in. And the kicker is you can’t use Tier 10 in rank?? That sucks..

    1. Yeah, since the change on Reward tanks usage, I feel spending bonds to get 121B or other bond T10s is pointless. You can’t use them in special modes or Ranked, so they have less ‘value’ compared to tech tree tanks. They may be superior to tech tree tanks, but what’s the point. The best use of bonds is buying a T8 Premium (specially for F2P players) or bond equipment (for competitive play in Ranked and CW).

      1. I kind of like that kind of system not gonna lie. Its like WoWs where you get free PREMIUM ships from earnable currency, it will just take awhile. Here, even the campaigns only give event/reward vehicles, which are not the same as the prem ones. Sure the t8 prems arent meta, but for f2p, you have to take what you can get. Man, should have saved my bonds. I got the FV215b lol. Its a fun tank nonetheless.

    2. And the kicker is you can’t use Tier 10 in rank??

      I completely forgot about this. On one hand it’s great because no Chieftain, Object 279e and Object 907 cancer, but on the other hand, every other Tier 10 premium is banned too.

      1. They should make a distinction between non-meta former tech tree tier 10 “reward” tanks and the actual reward tanks from personal missions and CW. Tanks like FV215, Foch 155, deathstar should still be available for ranked imo. But I’d rather they take them all out because having donkerers and 279e’s in ranked was just toxic.

  5. While everyone is busy memeing, I have a question.

    Is this information legit, and we can expect a worldwide update of the bond store in a few months tops? Asking because there are a couple tanks in the current roster I’d like to grab, so I’d like to know if I have to hurry up with the farming or I can take it easy.

    1. WG has been pretty clear about updating the bond shop every new ranked cycle. So when 2021/2022 ranked season starts (probably in the summer), they’ll update the bond shop as they did last year (and the year before if I remember right).

      1. new+tanks+for+bonds+winter+2020 search this . They said 3 times they would update it Dec of last year . So no they are not clear they lie

  6. We should banned them WG first before they banned us right? we’ll let them know whose the real boss is!

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