16 thoughts on “WoT – Sandbox 2021: Artillery

  1. all that time wasted

    easy way to balance it:
    limit 1 per team, or 2 depending on the map … even 0 on city maps
    remove stun


        1. Every now and then a frustrated retard cry for removing it. Is good for realism and campers, stop crying.

          1. Good for realism? KEKW
            I don’t know which planet you come from, but on this planet, using artillery to take out tanks is not really an effective approach at all. First the firing battery needs to get firing coordinates on radio, then they need make calculations, then they need to adjust the gun, then the shell needs to fly all the way over there… By the time all that has happened, that enemy tank might be in an entirely different location 200+ meters away. Artillery is NOT an anti-tank weapon, for that purpose they developed towed anti-tank guns and tank destroyers. Artillery is mainly used as a sector bombardment tool against soft targets like soldiers or static targets like buildings, entrenchments, etc.
            The most realistic approach would be to remove artillery from the game. It is not needed as tank destroyers already counter heavy armor as it should, and properly positioning your tank, such as being hulldown should be rewarded, not punished.

              1. Two destroyed tanks, and with this you want to prove what, exactly? Do you even know yourself how these tanks got destroyed? For all we know, they could have been destroyed by another tank, an airplane, an anti-tank mine, a satchel charge, etc.
                Anyhow, let’s even pretend that they where hit by artillery. You need to realise that just because tanks potentially can get hit by artillery doesn’t mean that artillery is intentionally deployed as an direct anti-tank measure. Read into how artillery barrages actually work and you will understand why it’s not feasable.
                And talking about barrages, deploying 2 or 3 SPGs is itself highly unrealistic, since SPGs are grouped into larger batteries that can provide some actual fire support and not a joke of two shells per minute.

    1. I agree with aengis. If they really, really must keep artillery in the game, the best approach would be to bring it back to how it was before the first arty-rework, but limiting each game to 1 or 2 SPGs.

  2. more and more sad wargaming, whatever !!
    everything is done to remove the artillery from the game.
    So finished the missions for the object 260 and 279 already and
    not only at the base some artillery are long for reloading and also in their mobility of movement, and there we open the door to the enemy to destroy them as quickly as possible, so the EBR will be happy then bravo WG, imagine a little during the second world war if all the armies had known this, there would be more USSR today, of Germany and other countries too !!!!!
    it is high time to do like many players, to stop and put the game in the closet and come back to it once a year to see the new debacles conceived each year, WG are slowly dying until daylight. or the money will no longer fit in their pockets then it will be too late to remedy it.

  3. I dont understand this hate you guys are sharing, they are doing great job at least considering these sandboxes, it wont ever be perfect but they are giving the effort to change and listen, maybe finally some things will change ?

  4. Stupid WG said: “More than half of the players played arty” 😀

    Well maybe, if there were no arty missions you would see the real number of players that plays arty, you dumb fucks.

  5. Limit of two arty per team, reduce or remove stun, that’s all that’s needed. Arty is a good counter for OP tanks and makes the game more interesting but it’s fun to hunt and kill.

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