32 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 6 Offer #2: AMX 50 Foch (155)

  1. they add useless td for credits and one of the most wanted t8 premium (50 tp) for gold… wg fuck you

  2. aaand it’s gone. 20 mill is cheaper than what other tanks have fetched in this edition.

  3. I am really waiting for renegade and progetto, i dont want to waste my credits on foch 155 when you have alternative in the tech tree. And tier X is not really the most enjoyable experience so i will go all out on Progetto and Renegade

    1. Renegade will probably be for credits but Progetto? I seriously doubt it, unless WG thinks they can get more money from people converting gold to credits and buying credit packages from the premium store after 3 huge credit deals back to back to back. I just hope they sell IS3A or Foch 155 comes up again.

      1. I count with the fact that rene will be for credits, i can work with 25M and for progetto i got 12K gold so BM is only starting for me and i hope i will get them both 😀

    2. Tech tree foch doesn’t even compare to the 155. The 155 has one of the highest gold pen in the game and its quite fun to play it with only HE giving it the moniker HE155.

  4. Considering i don’t really have that many credits, i am so glad i bought the aufkl. Panther. It’s fun, a great money maker, and the remaining offers are probably gonna be something i couldn’t afford in the first place lol

  5. So how long did the 15k lot last on EU. I was so bummed after looking at whats coming up on WGstatus, I walked away to do some chores. Waiting for a T8 credit auction… In my frustration i low balled the 50TP and won it for 5695 gold. Its a nice price for a tank I wanted, and 7K gold was just lying in my account since 2019 or before, but I don’t feel the excitement of a silver buy. I have been waiting for a T8 silver auction and saving my credits for it, while we get 3 T10 silver sales/auctions. But still, great lineup overall this BM, except that M10 and that Turtle outrage with errors.

    1. I had no gold…so I bought 5500 gold bundle…bid it all….and lost 🙁

      1. Sorry man. On EU or NA? I was on EU, and heard 5555 won. I initially put 5595 the raised to 5695, which was closer to Skoda min bid on EU. Hopefully we’ll get at least one good t8 auction for credits in the remaining offers.

        1. on EU…..in hoping for good T8 for credits too….but truth be told I have lot of premium tanks as is

          1. Yes, I only care for T8 premium credit sales/auctions in BM. This yeah, so far only 1 T8 credit auction, and 1 bungled credit sale with a super small lot. Two gold T8 auctions, and those went close to min because BM is not Advent Calendar. Casual and F2P players should have more chances to pickup T8s for creds during the BM. Otherwise the lineup so far has been decent, except that M10 turd.

  6. Nooooooooo! The one time I was 1 min late they sold the tank I wanted most… Why did they have to sell this one on women’s day, sigh…

    Guess I’ll have to be happy with the t-22 med…

  7. I got two of the four tanks I wanted. Wished I would have played during the months of January and most of February to stock up on credits but it’s in the past.

  8. Surprised to see so many don’t seem to have the 155 yet. It’s been sold once already, and before that all those who had in the garage when the Foch B was introduced got to keep it as well …

  9. I can’t complain too much as the Skoda was the only thing I really wanted…and I’m glad I made the purchase. Again, we’ll see about the Somua. I had an “Awful Panther” back in the day and I had more important options for my credits. That it’s now a credit tank means that it will pop up again; we’ll see if I still care at that point.

  10. I had it through the tech tree.
    Definitively NOT the tank I would spend 20mio credits upon.
    It was an amazing tank six years ago where the sides were impenetrable.
    Then, they nerved it and since it has been useless.
    As Tier 10 it was a complete misery.
    I do not think I have played more than 100 battles with this tank in 10 years WOT…
    At least, it is for credits.
    Anyway, good luck to those who won.

  11. I converted £180 to credits and got this tank!!!!
    It’s soooooo gooddddd tank

  12. Had it on na server as tech tree… With a good crew and right play style it can be a monster easily racking in 6k plus… The very next game will be a one shot 750dmg game but all in all i loved it and bought it again on eu now. Wish wargaming had allowed server swaps!

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