Prime Gaming Continues

It seems that Wargaming has extended its cooperation with Amazon, and for the next six months (until July 2021), we can expect the monthly Prime Gaming package! Source: Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Prime Gaming Continues

  1. A real Shame Amazon don’t buy out money obsessed Wargame for its only real €€€ making game WOT
    ~ imagine how awesome and better WOT would steadily get over the years and how player numbers would improve dramatically

    dream on ..

    1. And what is actually wrong with the game that can be fixed without breaking everything else?
      I don’t see that they are making OP premiums, maps are moron-proof.

      Besides this is what majority wants, and game is adapted for average/casual player who is main source of income.

      U can train crew with free books you get just for playing, you have shitton of rewards every week, u had tank rewards which could give you free premium tank literaly for bothing, just for participating in the game, and premium time.

      Life was never easier for free to play and premium users. You have shitton of blueprints so you can grind faster. I remember i had to play 200-300 battles to progress from tier 9 to tier 10. Now you can get almost in 20-50 battles.

      So what exactly is your solution, and more importantly, what is an issue with WoT now?

      1. I just finished the grind to the Kranvagn in 21 battles. Mainly due to 9 Blue Prints from the old random drops in the daily missions. Took me 200 to get the S.Conq from Conq.

        Damn kids these days! Get it too easy! (Kidding! It’s way better now than 5 years ago)

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