9 thoughts on “WoT EU: Renaissance – Banned Players List

  1. anybody has the list saved? What kind of ban exactly? They just loose the tank, permaban or have like 7-day ban?

  2. I have taken it down. No one else. There will be severe consequences if it shows up here again a (as a link). Such as shutting TAP down. We are already in progress terminating Hear_Me_As_I_Will_Speak’s Google account.

    1. Why do you and wargaming protect cheaters. Yes this one might of had mistakes but the other lists before this wasnt. I hear rumors they dont perma ban these players just take there tech tree tanks and credits and ban them for a week. This has come from many sources i hope its not true bc these players need to be banned for good . They should get once chance not another. Or maybe its your buddies in wot who are cheating . Like Havoc and rddt guys use to get caught.

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