Supertest: 114 SP2

The Chinese Tier X tank destroyer 114 SP2 will soon be joining the Supertest.

The first thing that is worth mentioning here is the vehicle’s relatively weak armour. Even its frontal armour plates don’t get thicker than 135 mm. The vehicle has a specific power of 15.6 h.p./t which enables it to reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Total HP: 2,000.

This tank destroyer comes equipped with a 152 mm gun fitted in a fully rotating turret and boasts 650 HP of single-shot damage, while armour penetration by the standard armour-piercing and special APCR shells is 273 and 329 mm, respectively. This vehicle also features an aim time of 2.3 s, an accuracy of 0.35, and a reload speed of 16.6 s.

For such a large machine, the 114 SP2 presents a nice combination of good mobility and high firepower. Just keep in mind that you can always compensate for the weak, vulnerable armour by resorting to positional combat.

12 thoughts on “Supertest: 114 SP2

  1. Meanwhile the Object 268 V (which is much better than this thing) is still lost in WG limbo, unless you’re on CHN server in which case it’s buyable for cash.

    1. If you look at the v5’s stats and compare it to these, this thing is actually way better, so far the only thing that’s better on the v5 is it has almost 400mm pen heat and it goes 3kph faster

      Both have shit armor that wont work, one has higher alpha than the other (Which honestly I’d rather take the 650 for the same dpm over the haha funny high alpha 750 for actually less dpm than this tank), this one has APCR as it’s premium which high pen APCR is disgusting and anything reaching 330 or more will literally pen just about anywhere on any tank in the game (If you’ve ever played the e4 with full gold you’d know), this has 100 more hp and a way faster hull traverse at 30 degrees per second compared to the v5s e100 levels of bad 20.8 degrees per second, and to top it all off this thing has 390 view range compared to 360 which means it can get almost max view range with just recon, situational awareness, and food which most people run.

    1. 2300-2400 is literally dead average for most high alpha tds with turrets idk what the fuck you’re on if you think that’s weak or a low amount

  2. Aesthetically I really like how the hull looks and the turret can be a bit better. Other than that maybe turreted Chinese TD line in the future?

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