WoT Supertest – Crew 2.0 Important Info

According to preliminary info from wotclue, the Crew 2.0 is not working so smoothly and there are many questions in general about the new crew. Quoting them directly:

Just today, we received information about the Crew 2.0 Supertest in World of Tanks from our insiders in Cyprus. Closed testing of this feature is in full swing right now.

According to the preliminary examination of the information received, the Crew 2.0 is not so smooth and there are many questions in general about the expediency of this approach, as well as the completeness of the entire structure of Crew 2.0.

The source himself reports, quote: “I do not know what ***** came up with this, but as the players correctly note — this is an attempt to remake what is now already working quite OK, and as a result, the players will suffer as always. Well, it’s also an attempt to push new things to suck money/time out of players and impose a worthless new interface. And they (developers) face a lot of challenges due to the new crew that interacts simply with everything in the game. So at the release, wait again for a sea of bugs; yes, everything is already decided there, the Crew 2.0, regardless of the opinions of the players, will be released.”

Next, we will show some details that may occur and express our own opinion and the opinion of our interlocutor (who provided the information) on this innovation, which should be tested in the sandbox at the beginning of this year.

The current crew will not be automatically converted to Crew 2.0. This will have to be done manually by clicking on the “Convert Crew” button under all tankers. You don’t need to do this, but then old perks will not work for you except for the light bulb. The light bulb will be available to all by default and will not require crew skill points.

When converting, depending on how many skills each crew member has, you will get one commander with a progression level. There are 75 levels in total and the same number of skill points. But at what rate the crews will be transferred is not yet known. In the answers of the developers, it was said that a 5 perk crew is enough to get the maximum crew level.

The commander can learn completely new skills. There are only 5 branches of development, 2 ultimates on each. An ulltimate opens when putting 30 skill points in the selected branch and only one of the two can be selected.
Each skill goes up to 10 levels. Thus, with the maximum leveling of the crew, you can choose 7 skills with 10 points and 1 skill with 5, or distribute them yourself as you like, without leveling the skills to the maximum.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a complete list of skills and ultimates.
Leveled skills can be edited or reset for all the invested points. But it is not known whether it will be possible to do this for free and at any time, or whether payment will be introduced in the future.

The commander will be able to change his passport details as before. Namely, the first name, last name and a new photo from the standard list. Also, as before, for free experience at the rate of 1 to 5, you can raise the level of the commander. How much experience will be needed to reach the maximum level is also not yet known. But one of the pictures indicates that the 75 (max) level requires 238,140 free experience or 1,190,700 crew experience.
The training brochures provide as much experience as they do at the moment.

Up to 4 instructors can be selected for each commander. A new instructor can only be added with a new commander level (15, 30, 45, and 65). Typically the instructors are unique crew members, such as Buffon, Chuck, or the Snow Maidens. Instructors will give a bonus to crew skills that are unique to the selected instructor. For example, +2 skill points to repair. Also, each instructor will give a bonus to the crew experience.

Instructors will be divided into 3 classes. The higher the class, the more skills and experience the crew will get. For example, Class 3 gives +2 skill points to the selected crew and +10% to the crew experience. Class 2 gives +3 skill points and +20% crew experience. How much does Class 1 give and who falls under this parameter is unknown.

Instructors can be recruited, but they will not have the best parameters. When recruiting an instructor, you can choose the desired skill bonus for the specific crew.

The commander will be able to study up to 3 leveled up tanks of the selected class of the same nation, including the tank in which the crew is already sitting.

Slots open at crew level 15 and 45, or they can be opened for 750 gold each. Crew training for an additional tank also costs 750 gold (test) without loss, 500,000 credits (test) with -10% loss of accumulated crew experience or for free with -30% loss of accumulated crew experience. In this case, all the commander’s skills will also be reset and they will need to be reallocated.
Thus, one crew leveled up with good instructors will be able to sit on 3 tanks of the selected nation and class. For example, the crew of the Object 140 can be trained on the T-62A and K-91 if the selected skills are suitable for you, including all premium medium tanks of the USSR. This is a very big plus in our opinion.

And the last innovation. Depending on the selected skills and crew ultimates in battle, active perks will be shown over the aiming interface. This can make it easier to understand what exactly works for you at the moment from all the skills.

Among all the above, we have a lot of questions, but for the answers we will have to wait until the next Sandbox.

The first thing that confuses us: Where does the converted crew go, namely all the others except the commander. We are especially concerned about the crew consisting of special crew members such as the Snow Maidens from the New Year’s Offensive.

The second thing that is equally confusing to us is what will happen to the unique commanders? Because in theory, they should all become instructors. Thus, the commanders will be just the usual crew of a given nation.
The full impact of the instructor on the commander’s skills is unknown. Let’s say the instructor gives +2 to the repair skill. If the skill will be leveled up more than the maximum value of 10 units, thus increasing the repair speed. Also, whether the instructor’s skill will give you the necessary points to get an ultimate.

Based on the unification of the trained crew for different vehicles, there will be no need for a large number of leveled up crews on different tanks of the same class, but which differ in specializations.

The fate of the faces is unknown. Most likely, all skins can be applied only to the commander or the newly recruited instructor.

The Personal Training manual currently gives only 1 crew member 850,000 experience. How it will work after changing the crew is not clear, because now everything will be 1 commander, and there is no need to train instructors.

76 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Crew 2.0 Important Info

  1. Sounds extremely awful at best! That’s what happens when all sort of muppets try to re-invent the wheel… – “yes, everything is already decided there, the Crew 2.0, regardless of the opinions of the players, will be released”. Of course, you stupid bots, just give us the money we definitely need!

    What’s even worse, that commander can be used ONLY THREE times – THREE vehicles – of the SAME CLASS!

    What a silly idea! In which univers a tank has ONLY a commander?! Muppets of devs! The same muppets that “reworked” arta – giving it the stun bs – that didn’t nerf the Noobgetto 46, tier 8 premium EBR etc.

    The faster this game dies, the better for the humanity! Fingers crossed!

    PS Players who have many crew members… or commanders such as Skill4ltu, from Battle Pass etc. what are they gonna do?!

    1. Ranting about stuff you dont know much about is rather pointless as well i guess.
      e.g. how is is bad that you can have your crew/cmdr trained for 3 tanks in crew2.0 if now, you can only have it trained for ONE tank?
      Or how exactly is WG making money with crew 2.0?
      What difference does it make if your crew consist only of one visible commander?
      Why didnt you just read the text which tells you whats likely going to happen with “special” commanders or crew members?

      Just relax a bit until you have clarity on whats going to happen. Succesful PC games usually give you something new. A new tetris will not be very interesting to anyone. WoT staying as it is will continue to lose players. They need something new. And the current crew skill system with always the same 4 Skills being picked, is definitely something that has room for improvement.

  2. hmmm…… I have hundreds trained of crew members(2,3,4skills)…..dozens of special/reward/campaign crews…..so much on the line…..my last year new year crew are trained as 4 skill soviet MT crew….,that is a lot of time and xp invested in them….so what happens to it/them?-they become “instructors”?ok….do we all get the same istructors,no matter how much xp we put in them before rework?

    1. What is the problem?
      As I understand it, you get an appropriate crew, along with instructors.
      Also, dont whine before everything is decided.

    2. it would be nice if we had over the max crew level we would get the extra crew exp converted into free exp

  3. Bla bla bla, mind your business and be aggressive on World of Tanks EU forum, Super Kiddo! We have the right to express ourselves! Otherwise, we go to WarThunder and bye-bye…

    Homer_J = as muppet as WG devs that thinks he can do whatever he wants! They pay you really well to defend them, lol!

  4. what gives with this company? is there someone specifically who keeps pushing all the bullshit through the system and forces everyone to deal with their awful decisions? or is it a board of investors/shareholders?

    1. Poor management, communist mentality aka „our boss is our God and we shall not question him if we want to survive”

      1. Yeah the very same mentality just like all other big communist game companies like EA, Bethesda, Blizzard and so on.

        Oh wait…

    2. I think the leaders just arn’t playing the game as we are AND are not really intersted in players opinions. What i mean is they don’t understand or know the game, despite them being the owners. Thus they have not a clue they are doing bad. And their money grabbing sickness keep them pushing for new things, even if they are blind.
      My hope: They might one day do something good without realising it.
      So my point of view is that they have terrible leadership in many places that matter most for game design. Bad objectives.

      1. Yea this has been said by many who do play the game a lot . But its being said by many twitch streamers and even there CCs they need to listen to them and us. But yea they dont play there own game and need to listen to those who do and not just the Russian supertesters who placed the Chieftain in the game and said it was balanced or who approved stun when on one wanted it .

  5. looking forward to adding elemental damage to the pot as well as charged attacks with cool down timer.
    but seriously, this looks like the catastrophy which 2020 should have ended with (simultaneously ending WoT for good).
    Sincerely hope that enough people read up on what giant shit WG is about to drop on our heads and close their wallets for good. feels so retarded to ever have invested time and money in a product that’s being driven against the wall by such incompetent pricks.

  6. This will be what makes or breaks the game – crew 2.0 is a tornado where equipment 2.0 is a weak fart.

    Oh well, I guess one should not expect anything else from corporate spooks. They’d sell their families if it made them a profit.

  7. I think the crew system needs a clear change like the equipment system.

    But it’s human nature to be afraid of change. Wg will be criticized at first no matter what they do. This is because wg has been passive about making game changes for 10 years. Players’ negative reaction was created by Wg themselves.

    Compared to other successful online games served for 10 years, wot was extremely conservative about change. Change is necessary. Of course, when changes occur frequently, there are obviously a lot of problems. wg should be manage games frequently with a flexible mind.

    1. I don’t worry too much about technical issues. In my 20-year gaming life, Wot (after the 1.0 client) is judged to be a game with fewer program errors and bugs. I have a positive expectation that Wg will solve the technical problem soon.

    2. Yes, change is necessary – but just because something is new doesn’t automatically mean it is better. I honestly really don’t like the idea of reducing crews to single commanders – that may work well for World of Warships, but then battleships have huge crews. I always liked the idea that all members of tank crews were leveled individually – why change that? All it really needed imho was to make the skill system more diverse and meaningful, and to make sixth sense a free skill for every commander. I seriously expect crew 2.0 to be extremely unpopular, and with good reason, too.

      Edit: I just reread the article. The more I think this through, the more I feel that the main motive for Wargaming to make these changes is to create a new gold sink. This skill system sounds extremely complex – remember how they simplified the tech trees because they were to hard to understand lol? – and I can see that it will be easy to pick skills that will turn out not to perfom as well as expected. And then guess what …

      Gosh, this whole thing really sounds like a crap idea …

    3. Your missing the point. The changes look bad and are a money grab. The one thing that players complained about or at least new players was how long it takes to train new crews and this isnt being addressed at all unless you can pay of course. Also how to they compensate me for all the gold i spent on crews that were not commanders . Also they are going to down grade half of special crew to level 3 and then make you pay to upgrade to next level witch is now free. Again did you read what they said and not all change is good changes . Equipment system has some op equipment that still isnt being addressed like CVS being too strong or others being useless yet again like grossers . The point is they need to test this till everyone is happy that is what other games do .

    4. So why not some minor changes then? What’s interesting is that this is major overhaul that concerns people. This is after all a company that screws up often so I don’t blame people for being worried.

  8. I have several 7-perk, two 8-perk and even one 9-perk crew. How will i get compensated if the cap is at 5 perks? A 9-perk crew has more XP than FIFTEEN 5-perk crews combined.
    Seeing my crews getting better and better is one of the reasons that kept me playing. Guess i will look out for new games to play.

    1. If wg does not prepare enough compensation for your concerns and anger, Crew 2.0 will be cancelled during the test phase. If reward is not enough, wg will burn by angry Russian players. People’s thoughts are all similar.

    2. No one will care about your opinion, no one will care about how much you worked for your crews, because there will be plenty who will accept and like the new changes, no matter if it will be rewardable or not for all players.

      Every time there is a new change, you have to adapt, accept and embrace the new changes, otherwise your only option is quit playing.

      1. Where do i start. First off you say we have to accept the changes that we dont like then you say that all players are embracing it . lol wth . How old are you because not all change is good change. Did you even read what he wrote in the article the changes are bad and are a money grab that is bad for everyone . And if all the older players quit there wouldnt be a game to play we make up most of the players. So if they buffed arty and Chieftain it would be a good change and have to accept that or made rng 50 percent worse . All change is good he says adapt what are you 5. I think you need to read all of the article.

    3. Yea the game is fading and a huge change that the players dont like will make it even worse. Yea and what about gold i spent training all the non commander crew members and now all the special crew will be down graded and cost money to get new ones. The game is made up of mostly older players and they need to compensate us right or dont change it .

  9. Sounds like WoT is now a university course study in its own merit.

    WG does realize that most of us playing are wage slave scum, from fields and factories, and NOT NASA rocket scientists, right?.

    Are premium tanks still primarily gonna be for crew training?.

  10. WG PC saw what WG Console came up with and were jealous of how quickly they were able to kill their game, so they decided to try to beat them at this game.

    What a shame. 2021 is WoT’s final year.

    1. Be serious – no, it won’t. But I will give you that if this is really how crew 2.0 will turn out, then it is a real crap idea.

    2. No it won’t. I’m glad to see a change. Many unuseful skills in this old system. And yes I like better equipment 2.0

  11. So will premium tanks still be for grinding crews or nah? coz 100s of millions of dollars have been spent by players for doing this…

    And WG does realise that most of us players are peasant potato farmer types right?.
    We aren’t capable of working as payload specialists for a space program…

    Hell, I put the challenge out to solve the code on the mug in xmas decorations, and not a single person answered.

    The interweb has become so much thicker since 2010.
    And WG want us to work with this….

  12. What’s going to be really sad is they won’t listen to our input and implement the changes the way they want, just like Equipment 2.0 but this will be much worse. For us collectors who have crews for all of our researched tanks this is going to suck.

    1. exactly. well said and what about premium tanks will they still take all the crews from the same nation or class or just 3 that we will now have to pay gold to use more then one tank on a commander

  13. I like equipment 2.0, some things could be changed here or there but it’s basically fun and interesting with improved variety over the old system. Crew 2.0 looks like a great big pile of poo poo. As so many others have pointed out there’s no need to condense an entire crew down to one commander on a tank. Also I like my unique commanders to be commanders, that includes my female commanders that provide female voiceover and thus add variety to the gaming experience. The instructors concept is just dumb. In the first place it makes absolutely no sense that a tank commanded by one person would have all these instructors sitting behind and the scenes and at the end of the day adding instructors is no different than adding more crew members anyway. Even if they just called them crew instead of instructors that would be an improvement on this bad concept.

    The skills tree looks interesting and I would be in favor of a revamp of the skill tree system on existing crews. I also think it would be cool if they amped up the RPG-factor on the existing crews; give them stats in additional to skills that can be adjusted and leveled by players to make the individual crew members more unique. Things like constitution(hit points), perception, dexterity and intelligence could easily be made to influence various skills or combat effects, even luck which could modify RNG. It could be implemented in such a way that unique crew members could have a higher stat cap than generic crew members. Larger portraits and more appearance customizations would be cool. That kind of stuff would be a good Crew 2.0, the one they’re proposing is just bad.

    1. So you want to make op tanks even more op. Again did you even read what he said. The changes are bad and will cost us more time and money a cash grab. And crew will not effect or make rng better .

  14. Reading these comments makes me realize that majority of the tank community simply doesn’t want to change. They simply refuse what they think it is bad even without testing it for 1 fcking second.
    Sure the current crew system working fine, but it gives nothing more than 6th Sense, BiA, Repair, Camo & Firefighting. All other skills/perks give very minor bonus that practically impact nothing in battle.
    Crew 2.0, sure it will cost you a lot of time to re-setup your crews, but that skill/perk branches look really promising to give a fresh experience to the game.
    Instead of whining about everything, why not just keep an eye on what’s coming up next and see what we can do with it?

    1. First off are you going to give me all the time and gold i spent on the crews back ?? Next did you even read what the guy wrote. Its full of bugs and its a money grab. It wont get easier to grind crews and it will cost more some of the points everyone complains about will get worse . The crew system is fine yup so add a few more perks give the noobs sixth sense that i grinded out of free i can stand that but leave my crews that took a ton of time to get alone. lol again did you read the article they even said it was bad and its not going to be tested . These changes were supposed to make crew training easier and its not 1.2 million xp is a crap ton .

      1. It’s in testing phase, bugs are unavoidable.
        Compensation method is not yet set as well.
        Money grab or not doesn’t depend on what you say.
        WG has been making this game way better for the recent 3 years.
        Stop crying everytime they make some changes.

    2. You are assuming that WG want to improve the game with the changes they make, it can well be argued by now that this is not their mission.
      Changes to arty, introduction of EBR, heavy tanks lacking weakpoints, lack of new map content and spamming of OP premium tanks have not improved the game. Even equipment 2.0 has had a modest effect on the game at best, hardly revolutionary.

      Unfortunately crew 2.0 looks to be more of the same from WG. Changes that have not been asked for nor are required when considering the amount of sheer game breaking nonsense that the developers persist with regardless of player feedback and in the face of a declining playerbase.

      WG tinkering with the game now promotes a sense of dread, not curiosity.

  15. Man I really dislike how everybody is just jumping to conclusions form 1 paragraph of really abstract description and just jump to hate. Everyone know the current system is old and outdated and not really intuitive for new players. It seem every big change is instantly hit by dislike just because some people don’t wanna leave their comfort buble. I personally am really looking forward to some changes.

    1. new players won’t be affected that much, i spend 10 years on this game and have built many good crews by grinding tanks and retraining.
      the crew system works, has no big issues and has taken time effort and for most gold to get the crews to where they are now. this change will likely see me leave the game if it goes life this way, its a slap in the face not “getting out of your comfort bubble, you want sixth sense? well grind your crew like i did, i don’t care if you just discovered the game and want one of the best perks given out for free

      1. exactly. I spent time and more importantly gold on these crews and now they are just going to remove most of the crew members and give me nothing in return. And people not having sixth sense is part of the game and damage in games is going to suffer and it suffers so much from 4 min games now.

      2. with crew being one of the bigger gold sinks, it makes me hope that crew 2.0 will somehow cause lots of legal trouble for WG, since people buy gold with real currency and all that.

    1. did you even read it . It will take just as long to train a new crew and its going to cost more money to do so .

    2. it’s amazing.. for as little as 1500 gold you can have up to 3 techtree tanks driven by the same commander.. but wait there is more, if you tank gets knocked out you can’t use the other 2 as your commander is still locked in battle

  16. So now all my special crew members will be in sub classes . Now my female crew will not be the same as another special crew member and wargaming decides what level each special crew member is and what they have as far as perks. Are you kidding me so in other words there will be new level 3 crew members let me guess that you will have to spend really money or gold on to get and use . So not only are we losing the perk of earning a female or special crew member but now some are going to be not as good as the others wth. Man these changes look awful please wot dont let it be true that they will do no more testing and take any feedback as they promised they would .

  17. If they, WG, want to make another game then why don’t they do it in World of Tanks II or III? So they spare us that miserable feeling of losing years of work.

  18. fk wg again

    Time and money invested to get special crews and exp them will be lost without any compensation what so ever

    And yet there is RNG usually super low rolling when you need it the most, leaving tanks on 1 hp

    fk WG forever

  19. I’m reading all your comments and… you know what….
    Before Christmas I stopped playing WOT. Stup*d lootboxes again… More and more Pay to Win… or even “pay to feel special only” and…. God! If you handle your “need” to play this thing and you give a step back to honestly see the game how it is now… Trust me: You have better options out there where to spend your time on (I mean other PC games).
    I’m an addicted gamer and in 7 year of WOT I’ve never spent more than 1 week without playing and now…… Best decision in a long time! players get stuck in this game just to grind grind grind and not actually to enjoy it. Is toxic… really toxic for you guys.

    1. I have reached the same conclusion. I was comitted to World of Tanks, enjoyed it immensely for the 6 or so years I’ve played but WG’s tinkering of the game now creates a sense of dread and not curiosity, interest or excitment.

      The pattern is clear for all to see… Release broken tanks as a reward for the best players to whip others in random battles, make changes to classes within the game that turn the meta on it’s head (EBR) and spam, promote and buff paid for tier VIII vehicles that are better than their tech tree/freebie counterparts. (Defender/Skorpion/Bourrasque/Progetto/Obj 703II etc etc)

      Crap matchmaking? Stale maps? Gold ammo spam? OP / Broken vehicles at all tiers? No endgame content at tier X?

      Blyat comrade! Give us more money!

      1. don’t forget WG selling us the high payout/value of lootboxes in gold, without giving us anything to actually spend the gold on (XP/credits conversion scams don’t count).
        when was the last premium tank gold discount even? those seem to have stopped simultaneously in WoT, WoWp, WoWs and even Armored Warfare…

  20. I barely just climbed out of the shitstorm of Equipment 2.0… Updating all 118 vehicles to the new ones… (I did made a tiny little profit as I had many coated optics on low tiers which now cost so little… But man…. the effort of checking and deciding on 354 slots is a nightmare)

    And now, the next shitstorm shows it’s ugly Belarus head on the horizon…
    On average… 5 crews per tank? I need to do this 590 times… FFS Belarus soviet cancers.

    Biden is coming back. And those Democratics hate Rasha… I just hope they turn Belarus upside down and shut WG down on the way before this Crew 2.0 crap comes out… (#KillCrew2.0WhileItStillSmall)

    1. They hate Russia so much they buy all the uranium from there. There is still time until Jan 20, nothing is set in stone.

      1. The best game? Lol. Still, it definitely IS quite good, with a very solid core game, which Wargaming have not quite managed to fuck up yet despite their best efforts.

  21. I’ve got 600 tank crew plus spares. I cant imagine how much time selecting all those skills will take.

    1. Hmm, I just bought Equipment 2.0 for all my 67 TX tanks and 44 T8 premiums… Also I started buying T5-T9 TotT branches to prepare for Crew 2.0. (yeam I’ve missed the first sale on equipments as I was playing the new Destiny 2 DLC at the time :P)

      I researched all trees long ago and I’m excited for new trees, but rush through them in like a week or so even with a job on the side…

      I don’t see this crew rework as inherently bad, given they will not fuck it up entirely.

      Some funny maths, facts, and questions I was thinking about:

      About the cashgrab, currently an average 4 man crew retraining takes 800 gold away from you, the new system will allow you to retrain even a 6 man german tank’s crew for 750, instead of the current 1200 gold. Also, the minority of the tanks that have 2-3 crew members like Manticore will still take 750 gold from you, but these are really in the minority compared to the 5 and 6 membered crews in the game currently.

      The -10% (skillpoint XP wise) credit retraining stays the same, the free option change from -20% to -30% will hurt a bit though. However, personally I have never used this option in my 10 years of WoT so tbh I don’t give a fuck about the free option.

      The portrait, namechange, etc. could be made a REALLY great optional moneysink if said commander’s customization could be seen somehow, for example modifying the new dogtag system to see your commander’s portrait and (not abusive/toxic) name when you kill the enemy would make these customizations a lot more appealing than it is currently now. Tbh, currently I have never even took a look at those options despite having countless skins for my crew, but I would love to rub sth like this in my defeated opponents’ faces. 🙂 And I am sure I am not the only one. Also, the dogtag system is already optional IIRC (hope I remember it correctly and it is not optional only with some mods), so no harm for those who want to turn it entirely off and miss out on the fun.

      From what I am reading, a full 5-skill crew will be converted to a lvl 75 full crew with 75 skill points. Also, you will be able to add 4 instructors to each tanks who will each add +2/+3/+5 (I dont think class I will give +4 as +5 could be really easily monatized for newer players for faster lvling up) skill points to the main crew. This is a maximum of 95 skill points, which is 9 maximum lvl skills and a lvl 5 skill, plus if you divide it perfectly (30-30-30 sp in a tree), 3 ultimate skills (give they don’t take skill points, which we are unsure atm). Adding the free 6th Sense perk, this is 14 skills altogether, and you can not go above it (if you want maximum level skills, of course). You also have to make sure you pick the skills the instructors are giving the additional skill points to, so this system is a bit more restrictive in this aspect. It is also a good point mentioned in the article if you can go past lvl 10 with instructors, but I am advise against it tbh.

      Currently an average 4-men crew with 5-skills has BIA, repair, camo/fireext, 6th sense, recon, sit.awa., adrenaline rush, safe stowage, offroad, clutch, deadeye/designated, snapshot, smooth driving, and intuition skills on my tanks, / depends on the class of the vehicle. That is 13 skills (even I am surprised, lol), so it seems we will have more skills. We will however not have the chance to further improve our vehicles into 6, 7, or as abovementioned, 8 or 9 skilled crews. That is a big oof and a big no-no in my eyes that should be addressed. I get it from the point of “give newbies the ability to catch up”, but as an old player, this system just takes away 1 more incentive to play, racking XP on crews.

      How major qualification will work in the new system is also a mystery as currently the commander gives +1% to the otherr members for every 10% he has, will this be retained in the new system as well, will it be the same as the commander (slight nerf for current crews, 121% max vs 133% now)?

      Another major (and the biggest) question for me is: how will the leveling go? Will it stay the same exponential like it is now, or will we change to a linear xp distribution between levels, or sth in between like an incrementally increasing leveling? The current one works well, especially when you are starting a new tree, but for the new system I don’t think it would work, Well, even if they decide to not go for the linear xp distribution, I hope they will tone it down from the exponential xp distribution and for an incrementally increasing system across the 75 levels in the new crew system, as it would still be not as punishing for new players as a linear one, and the last few skill points would still “feel reachable” unlike an exponential system. However, as the instructors unlock at lvl 15, 30, 45 and 65 and they can each mean you earn xp potentially +30%/+60%/+90%/+120% faster, a linear leveling is also not advisable.

      Reading the comments above I don’t get what the other’s are saying about the extra crew members though. There are a few options: The current membership of a tank crew will be taken into consideration as one (4man crew XP summed as one), then divided back with the number of members required for the tank they are trained for, and this will get you how many XP you have in the new 75 level system. Easy peasy. The only question is what happens if you have multiple crews trained for the same tank, which is a rare occurance, but it can happen for a reason or two. 🙂 This is a really important question though because possible retraining and gaining more xp for a future crew can be earned, so I am not surprised with WG not deciding on it yet. Exploits can be made. 🙂
      What I mean for example if all your crew trained to the tank will be added together, you can retrain your -for example- Standard B crew to your Progetto 65 so you will have more XP on it after converting -> and you can use it on your Standard B as well. This could easily be fend off if only the 1-2 (depending on roles needed) highest % crews count, but I would expect some lenience from WG in this case as they are forcing us to eat the new system.

      What a lot of people are afraid of, that “WG will only take into account the commanders and not the drivers, gunners, loaders, radio ops”… I would say this would be the best scenario. Why, you ask? Because before the update for a measly 200 gold, you could retrain all your loaders, gunners, drivers and radio operators into commanders, and you would have SO FUCKING MANY commanders when the new patch comes that you could not have enough tanks to put them in. 😀 Yea, I dont think WG are this stupid, but who knows. 😀

      Also it eludes me why it is such a hard concept to imagine that in the garage, you will only see a single crew member in your tank as a representation of your whole crew, meanwhile in battle you will have the same system as right now… Weird.

      All in all, the whole success of this new system depends on what old and new skills and ultimates we will have. The rest will not change much.

    2. Same here. And then imagine you find that some of the skill setups don’t work well and you have to reset them all for gold. Won’t we all love that.

  22. It looks for me just as a huge new cash grab. Some Changes to the current crew system? Why not, but this? All i can see is the hidden implementation of new ways to spend gold for something.
    I have played this game since August 2012 and this planned change pisses me off.
    This new “feature” is something nobody has really asked for while bigger problems are as they where, increasing goldspam for example.

    Even if someone would say, it will be better for new players might be asked which new players? There are new accounts, yes. But most of them are just Mulitaccounts for guys who grind bonds in this way.

    It feels more and more that WoT is dieing and WGs greedyness is a big reason for that.

  23. WG est une entreprise de gens cupides dénués d’altruisme et de philanthropie. Il serait bon que WoT leur soit arraché des mains et gérés par une solide équipe de bénévoles passionnés comme c’est le cas pour IL-2 Stormovik… Peut-être qu’un boycotte sévère de la part de tous les joueurs adultes,
    plus d’achats quels qu’ils soient pendant un mois, les amènerait à revoir leur gestion.
    Mais il y a tant de “valets” à leur solde…

  24. Am I the only one kind of excited by that?
    The idea of having 3 tanks (+premium) for one crew is actually amazing!
    I can have the same crew on my AMX M4 54, M4 51 and ARL 44, or my T95, T110E3 and Hellcat for example. I have so many low tiers tank that I would love to buy again to play with them, but right now I’m too lazy to do it with a brand new zero skill crew.
    I LOVE this idea so, so much!

    And considering equipment 2.0 I think the conversion was actually great. I even gain some credits, didn’t lose anything, and the new équipement is actually nice and I’ve tried some new combinaison that made me play again some oldies (full camo ELC, improved hardening on heavies, better accuracy Hellcat etc).
    Didnt lose anything, gain some credits and discovered again some oldies : that was great.

    Why not trust WG? They are doing things quite right recently : this whole equipement 2.0, balancing of new tanks etc its not that bad I guess.
    I don’t see why people are so mad with a simplification of a crew system which is NOW very bad (a 5 crew tank becoming a 6 crew tank, or a 4 crew tank becoming a 3 crew tank, only one tank per crew, the huge price for trading some 6 crew tanks all line long, some crew members completely useless and maxed out with just 2-3 skills and some crews members who has insane pressure on them with the need of 4-5-6 skills to be competitive….. It’s NOW that it’s utter garbage, why do you want to stick with THAT????)

  25. Feels great that I left this pile of sheisse years ago (2450 wn8 player btw). They stopped introducing things to improve the game long time ago with the gamble addiction loot boxes on Christmas. Now it’s all about milking the cow until one day the playerbase totally depletes. Everything that is implemented in the last 3-4 years is for sucking the money and time out of players, it’s disgusting what this company has become. And no, they’re not stupid that they can’t fix the MM or OP tanks. They’ve turned this game into racing cars simulator so the games can last 4 minutes lol. Heavy tanks with 300mm front turret armour drive around with 55 km/h, entertainment to the max. It’s a literal extortion to gamble for or buy the latest premium t8s so you can remain competitive. The sooner you leave this racing cars simulator, the better.

  26. Scientifically the sixth sense, This is the biggest bullshit that Wargaming put into the game. You can call this a signal detector but never a sixth sense. This will never be a skill. This is equipment. You imagine a German tank commander presenting the curriculum to Hitler and saying I am trained in the sixth sense by Mister M or Rasputin. He would be sent to the firing squad immediately.

  27. this is a fucking shit,we waste to many time ,gold,exp etc for all the crews and now they fuck our crew and again learn this mechanic,always chanes,always

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