WoT Console – Update 6.0 UI Problems

Players dislike the new UI for not being intuitive and the fact that artillery was buffed too much. WG Staff do not want to revert the update:

Quoting MyLateDroid102:

„I’ve lost all my crews that had more than 10 Perks, what’s the point of having tanks that have accelerated crew training for only to be limited by the amount of perks put into the game. Now I’ve only get to pick 10 Perks per commander. Gold is currently being used (unless you pick silver) for consumables and Ammo, The tech tree, good God the tech trees…

HUD makes it near impossible to know where enemies are due to them now having an awful spotting system, Snow Maps makes it near impossible to see where things are (White Outline. Really guys?).

This game is Armored Warfare 2.0, the only difference is that this game currently has a player base (Remember how quickly that game died).

I’m going to do my best to see if I can get a full refund on everything I’ve bought, either that or I’ll never touch this game, up until they fix this update.

I know being negative is frowned upon but unless WE (the player base) do something about this it’ll only continue.”

Quoting Tomatopaste43:

„[…]Taking away critical info in battle is treason at the highest level. I can’t see what I’m fighting before I engage I can’t see how good of a match I’m having and I can’t see what tank I just sniped in the heat of battle I can adapt but not if you gutt the core experience of this game.”

Quoting Maniac_xo:

”[…]Given the reaction from the community, I find it hard to believe a significant portion of the devs testing the update didn’t also have the same concerns. This meaning that 1. Their dissenting thoughts were squashed by leadership 2. They were afraid to speak out about it or 3 the entire team is just that out of touch. Number 3 seems like the least likely which to me says the leadership needs to pack up and go.”

Quoting man0rmachine:

[…]Then this update hit and I can’t be bothered to respec my dozens of crews, let alone play every day. When I do play, everything feels weird, like I’m wearing oven mitts and squinting through a narrow slit.[…]

See this video too:

9 thoughts on “WoT Console – Update 6.0 UI Problems

  1. IMO the WG Console dev team really showed having the balls to make some real progressive changes, like lowering RNG values to 10%+/- or what it is now.
    That was a daring change IMO and it showed a progressive vision IMO that the PC team sincerely misses.

    But today I guess the production company managing WoT Console development also shown they have the balls to wreck their own product and user base.

    I’m almost wondering if WG HQ ordered reallocation of some of their own developers and product directors from PC to the production company that does Console. These changes almost smell like that xD

  2. And soon coming to WOT? that would surely kill off WG Golden Goose stone dead (If they had coffee breaks instead of Vodka breaks, just saying … Russians after all! they drink Vodka like we drink water

  3. It’s past the time where I wondered if WG was actively trying to destroy their own IPs. Now I just wonder what flavor of destruction will hit this week.

  4. The way I have observed the evolution of Console since it was born, is that it kept moving farther and farther away from parity with WoT. Yes, some things need to be adapted such as UI, control scheme, etc, but the administrative changes and change in direction created mixed results.

    There are a few things about console that I’d love to see on PC, and vice versa, but that isn’t likely. The development is quite separated between the two. The current landscape is a permeated, cemented stance that won’t see change unless leadership changes hands in one department or another. Also, yes, the fact that this all passed QA is astounding.

  5. The way Console’s crew was fucked is how I fear PC’s crew 2.0 will look like. This better not be an early taste of what awaits us with this change.

    For everything else though, it just looks like WGConsole went full Armored Warfare and also for some reason decided that downgrading their graphics from “almost PC-like” to “cheap mobile game” was a good idea ? How the fuck does this make it into production, how did management agree to this.

    1. I doubt it will be the same. Console has no 4 tanks per commander like it was announced for us, and the UI showcase did not indicate it would be locked to 10 skills per crew either.

      Main thing to keep in mind there is that WOT PC has a sandbox they test things on, and we all know how it goes there when we don’t like it one bit. WOT console don’t, and the first test on feedback is on live. And WG do give the console devs the freedom to do what ever they want. They don’t check up on them. So the quality control is in house. And they did seem rather happy with even after it hit live.

  6. I played it after hearing about this as I’ve not played it this year. And more or less quit after one battle. The tech tree is god awful, the colors on the HUD is terrible, and the moved map is confusing as all hell. Garage zoom locked at max, and I did not like it one bit.

    Never spend a cent on the game as I got all my prem via gamepass drops. But I’m not going back anytime soon.

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