Supertest: Kraftwerk (Frontline) Map Rebalance

The Frontline map Kraftwerk is being rebalanced!

Reason for rebalance: an advantage for the defending team has been observed on the map. The main issues arise when the attacking team tries to destroy the Objectives.

Because of this, the central focus of the improvements was on the ability of the attacking team to drive to the Objectives. Also, zones A, B, and C were made somewhat harder to defend.

Note: Images are in the After/Before order.


Bushes removed from tank destroyer positions that allowed to safely shoot at the attacking team under the bridge in zone C.

Improved variability for the attackers, added an additional fortified position along the red line.

Weakened the defenders positions in zone B. Now the base capture can be blocked, but if the direction with the castle is lost, it has a line of fire at this position.

The open area in front of Objectives 4 and 5 was considerably reworked.

The open area was reduced, additional cover was placed.

Added a driveway to the bunkers towards Objective 4 from the attackers’ side.

Objective 5 is now more open to fire from the sides because of the reduction in bunker protrusion.

Landscape was changed sllightly and cover was added near Objective 3 for the attackers.

Improved the attackers’ positions on the plateau, added an ability to control different directions from this position.

Added a direct path to Objective 2.

Added several intermediate covers for attackers in the direction of Objective 1.

Created 2 positions for covering attackers’ movement towards Objectives 1 and 2.

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4 thoughts on “Supertest: Kraftwerk (Frontline) Map Rebalance

  1. They keep removing cover and defense spot and they wonder why games end in 4 mins. Maybe leave the cover and stop removing defense positions.

      1. Correct, the shortest I have seen them last is 12 minutes (the “basic” time limit). The attacking team didn’t try to cap, because “that gives more time to farm for rank”. Nobody on the team got above a major (if that).

  2. Eso quiere decir que, Como los cambios se hicieron a finales del 2020, Para el 2021 seran puestos en funcionamiento, Lo que nos deja con la certeza de que Front Line volverá en este año. Y ESPERO QUE SI :C el año pasado gaste un dinero ridículo en conseguir los tanques premium para dicho evento, Y claro para farmear Creditos xd.

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