Supertest – New Maps: Destination Island and Canyon

Two new maps are being added to the Supertest servers! Islands and Canyons are usually quiet and relaxing places to spend your vacations. Not anymore!

1- Island

Map size: 1000×1000 meters.

Game mode: Standard Battle.

Setting: Tropical island.

Open area for MT and LT maneuvers.

A hill with good lines of fire to the beach area and the town.

The town – Area for heavy tanks.

Tank destroyer positions.

2- Canyon

Map size: 1000×1000 meters.

Mode: Standard Battle.

Setting: Canyon

  1. The most protected direction.

  2. A position on high ground that has lines of fire for a considerable portion of the map.

  3. A dangerous driveway to position 2 and the opposite side of the map.

  4. Half-open space filled with terrain-based cover.

  5. A dangerous direction that has lines of fire for a considerable portion of the map.

These maps are not final. We might expect some changes.

We hope you like these 2 new additions!

Source: EU Forums

11 thoughts on “Supertest – New Maps: Destination Island and Canyon

  1. At Last! more New Maps for the game
    Lets hope that WG has made them good for ALL Tank classes

    (excluding SPG/ Arty which – as everyone knows 3x of these in a battle make it FRUSTRATINGLY Impossible for a good game and Impossible to be a HT player

    Maps with real Cover and Flanking options are rare in WOT
    Lets hope sooner rather than later into the game

    Thank you WG

    1. Nope. I’m calling it now, it’s a hybrid of all the failed removed maps. Either the it will be like pearl river and mines and the middle is the key dominace point, making the rest of the map mostly ignored. Or it’s like Empires border, that most will go full lemming tard north that will be the HT lane, and ignore the south 9 out 10 games.

      As we have maps with flanking options as is now, but if it’s covered by Fapping TDs 5 grids back, no one will use them until the very late game.

    1. Yes let’s have more uneven one-sided maps. Ever heard of winning spawn? North spawn Mines, North spawn Siegfried Line, East spawn Fjords,.. this list goes on and on.

      We don’t need any more of that garbage. Symmetrical maps are good.

      1. Symmetry or lack of it neither makes or breaks a map. It is just one of many factors that influences the quality of it.

        Most maps are asymmetric in a gameplay changing way and thats a good thing. It creates different playstyles for both sides therefor increasing variaty. Maps like Steppes or Redshire feature different opportunities from both sides and are perfectly fine. Regarding the maps you mentioned: Mines is just a shitty map. Fjords I don’t mind, perhaps what a CC shouts on his stream is not automatically true? Siegfried Line they made a lot worse with the HD rework even if most changes are rather small. This is just my opinion anyways.
        Completely symmetric maps can be very stale and boring as is the camping field on Paris. On the other side of the map the heavy flank is not symmetric and quite interesting for a heavy brawling area actually. Symmetry doesn’t have to be bad though as seen on Ghost Town.

  2. Sure… More maps…. And… what about fix maps like:
    – Ensk: Any Tier X can spot from one side to the other… RIdiculous!
    – Paris: Does anyone likes this Paris map? If you are one of them… DAMN! Your definition of “tactics” is “going on side for a corridor or the other one to snipe”… Which is…. Well… You know! Stup*d….
    – Mines: Again… Why is this map even available for Tier X’s? And is not even fair for the South spawn.
    – Fjords: My most hated map ever! I don’t even know how they believe this map is balanced…. Christ! I know stats say the average win % is similar for both spawns BUT……. give me a break! The map is unbalanced as hell!

  3. WG shouldn’t be adding any new maps that are smaller than say 2k x 2k for tanks over tier 6 (or 7) and should be resizing existing maps appropriately. No map should be under 1k x 1k and those should only be used by tiers 5 (or 6) and below.

    1. How to have player play more light tanks and other mobile vehicles 101.
      Because fck all slow tanks.

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