Mirny-13 Event Preview

Today Wargaming announced the Mirny-13  event will be released in 3 days, on the 26th. The Armored Patrol has already collected all the information you will want to know, and dutifully put together this article for your information and enjoyment.

Event Vehicles

In the Mirny-13 event, there are three default vehicles and three unlockable ones. As you may have guessed, you can throw Wargaming a few dollars if you really don’t want to do the missions to unlock them.

The Hornet (default)(below):

Cerberus (default)(below):

Goliath (default)(below):

There are also 2 vehicles that are available for completing missions. The missions involve collecting Mirium and destroying NPCs. But if you have not enough time on your hands and/or more money than sense you can always chuck a few dollars at Wargaming and they will just hand over the keys.

Malachite (unlockable)(below):

Grenadier (unlockable)(below):

Enemies (NPC)

The main and most common enemy on the battlefield are the Guards. Guards can be any kind of tank, there, at the moment, doesn’t seem to be many limitations in the spawnpools, and they can be most of the tech tree tanks. It should be noted that they are always painted with the 2D style that was available for completing Steel Hunter Season 1 in 2019. These Guards become stronger individually and in number as you complete stages of the battle. The least common Guard is a different type of Guard called the Alpha. This is an FV4005 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it spammed HESH in your face.

Alpha (below):

There are also some enemies that just show up from nowhere in particular. i.e. they don’t usually spawn on objectives. One of the most common of these is the “Hedgehog”, but anyone who has played Season 2 Steel Hunter this year will likely insist on calling it a “Fireball”. It’s basically a land torpedo that is a sea mine on tracks, the tracks are in the middle and they go all the way around like a giant rubber band. They can really hurt if they hit the thinner parts of your armor, but can, if you are lucky, really get screwed over by RNGesus if they hit your tracks. The Arlequin is able to deploy Fireballs in Steel Hunter, this year, and the Hedgehog is essentially the same thing.


Not all of the extra NPCs are found randomly. Some of them find you. Yes, there are some enemies not bound to the silly, mortal laws of physics. They are called hunters and they straight up know where you are at all times. Sometimes they spawn alone, and sometimes operate in groups of 3, or packs if you will. They are probably really dangerous if you try and 1v1 them, so I probably wouldn’t. Then there are Mosquitoes. You can’t lure them anywhere, they are just turrets. They have accurate guns and do a lot of damage, but when Wargaming said they “…attack all moving objects within their view range…” this left a lot of things beneath the face value.


If that quote is to be taken literally, it not only suggests that if you don’t move they will ignore you, but it also suggests that if you can get the enemy near it you might have an unexpected and useful ally. Imagine chasing a Rabbit and watching it careen headlong into a Mosquito and watching it get absolutely nuked. I really hope it works that way because that would be really funny.

“Rabbits” are speedy, small tanks, that will immediately flee the second they know you are there. They supposedly contain a lot of Mirium. But they have the added risk of luring you into an ambush, so it’s better to pick them off from a concealed position so they can’t figure out that they need to run.

Supposedly, the most unlucky you can get with the randomly spawned enemies is the “Immortal”. On top of being undefeatable and having twin deathstar cannons on steroids, it also deals proximity damage, so don’t get close to it. When you fire at it, instead of saying “Armor not Penetrated”, it straight up says “Give Up!”. This is a very inconvenient tank to run into, it is invulnerable, so you will have to go around it. When it can’t see where you are, I don’t think it will move, but that’s just optimistic speculation.

According to the video, on the Wargaming official news website, after each battle, the commander of the vehicle you used will need to recover for 24 hours, or you can pay 25k credits to get him back now. The cost increases each time, reaching a maximum cost of 225k. This is absolutely outrageous in my opinion. 1-hour recovery would be nice, 3-hour recovery I can live with, and I would be annoyed with 6-hour recovery, but come on, 24 hours!? That means you only get to do 3 battles a day. 5 if you’re lucky. I hope Wargaming has a seat to rethink that one sometime in the near future.


For participating in the event your tank will earn experience to level up the tank’s commander. Leveling the tank’s commander gives you coins, and you get more with the unlockable vehicles. The coins are specific to the event, and you can use them to purchase skins that come with 3 perk crew members. I don’t know if it’s possible to purchase a skin you have already, so you can get at least five super beefed up crew members that are on all of the juice by default. You can also buy personal reserves and directives, but I really don’t see anyone stocking up on that.

In Battle Progression

During the battle, your mission will be a little more sophisticated than just don’t die and make everything else die. You have to engage in hunting and gathering just like the Dark Front gamemode from back in 2018. Once you have collected enough Mirium (the new green matter), this is where the similarities between the gamemode end. There will be a safe zone around the collector, as you are transported to the next phase, as long as you survive, that is. There are 3 phases in baby mode, and there are 4 phases in normal mode and apocalypse mode. When there is enough Mirium in the core, your team has a limited time to get into the zone before they get destroyed. It should be noted that this is not the Steel Hunter red zone, you don’t “Start taking damage”. No, you just immediately get yeeted into next week the second the timer ends. If even one person on your team manages to make it, though, every destroyed player respawns with half health, and all of their buffs dropped.

Sometimes enemies drop anomalies. Hoard them and beef up your tank. This won’t help the rest of your team, so don’t let those glue eaters you team up with in randoms have any. The anomalies can boost all your stats. There are three damage boosters. One acts as an extra damage critical hit, the other acts as a chance to set enemies on fire, and the other just boosts base. There are only 2 other anomalies that don’t boost base stats. These are the most valuable ones. These are regeneration and leeching. Yeah, these ones have got to be my favorite, and they will surely come in handy!

There are also consumables in this game mode. 3 of them are for your own profit and benefit. But there are also 2 that are communal and the property of the state. Emergency repairs is a personal one that can do it all. If your tank needs fixing there you go. Unfortunately, while there is a communal version of this, it’s 2 separate consumables. So you will have to choose wisely how to best use your slots. But if you think using both of the communal ones will give your team some Russian Bias, go for it.

I, for one, can’t wait for this event to take place. This is going to be a really cool Halloween event and I will surely remember it for years. See you on the battlefield, commanders.





6 thoughts on “Mirny-13 Event Preview

  1. Just watched the video and delighted than none of the rewards are worth getting = don’t have to play this stupid crap.

    Imagine having an event based on historical armoured warfare rather than this utter trash.

    1. They did have historical battles…it was pure unbalanced garbage where Tiger 1s were sending Russian tanks back to gulag. Given that the RU server is the largest amount of players and this being a Russian developed game that hurt their pride so it was quickly shit canned.

  2. Less personal comments and yipyap, just straight up facts in these articles please.

    1. Agree. These articles would best focus on the rewards first up, as none of the special events (steel hunter, this crap, racing etc) come close to the regular game and many only play them for rewards. Then we could work out if there is any incentive to play before reading all the bla bla horse shit about mystical X with special powers Y from planet B.

      Stupid sci-fi shit for 8 year olds.

      1. The rewards are a very important detail of these events, could not agree with you more on that part. It’s also very important for authors such as myself to try and keep readers up to date. For that reason, I find it impossible to ignore the fact that these non-historical events have contained continuity and a story line that is shared through multiple consecutive events. I don’t necessarily agree with Wargaming’s decision to include non-historical events, my job is just to cover them.

        The method I have decided on is somewhat controversial given that this is essentially a news platform. I have decided to include a little bit of my opinion and some slang and colloquial language. It is my opinion that this makes my articles easier to understand and they will take less time to read. I am aware that this choice contains unavoidable drawbacks and the occasional benefit. I don't pretend that this is the singular right answer, or even assume that it's a right answer in the first place. But, being quite a fresh author myself, I appreciate the feedback the readers are giving me, and I have a genuine intention to use it to improve the way I write articles in the future.

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