10 thoughts on “New WoT Memes Site – siemkakto.pl

  1. Yeah and I reported the whole thread because it was bumped (On the WoT forum) hah heh.

  2. A site made by small children (or ppl with small brains) for children and adults with developmental related illnesses. Autism spectrum issues glaringly obvious.

  3. Maybe now all those old people with no sense of humor will leave the WoT subreddit and go there. I know I’d enjoy seeing actual discussion threads and fun videos back in that sub and not dead memes being reposted 50 times a week.

    Funny thing is the sub is nothing but memes being posted and mods force people to flair their posts for people who want to use filters. Go right ahead and use that filter for the 1 thread every month or two that isn’t a shit meme post.

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