Object 780 In-game Pictures

PS: I have some projects/exams I need to take care of in this period, so excuse the temporary lateness.

Developers and supertesters will begin testing it in random battles. Now, in 1.9.1 it was given the final model.

Behold, the Soviet Progetto.

12 thoughts on “Object 780 In-game Pictures

  1. Wasn’t the PS supposed to be at the end of your text?

    Shoulda called it an AS, ni🅱️🅱️a

    1. Nevertheless, it’s a tank you won’t be able to play as it’s far above your skill level.

  2. they need to buff its dpm and speed. Maybe they could give it reactive armor aswell. 600mm heat shells would be nice aswell. How else am i supposed to beat other tier 10s when im drunk?

  3. 240 effective lower plate as “weak”spot, blyat, come on its balanced, comrade drinks vodka

    1. Yeah, and behind the LFP and the UFP it looks like there is ANOTHER layer of armor, to protect the ammo carousel. I already grabbed my popcorn, gonna watch and laugh as WG buffs the vehicle so you can only damage it if you penetrate both layers – because balance, of course.

      1. Of course, I might even be forced to grab my American Tactical Nuke AKA T92 to **** it up.

  4. Progetto and 430U nerfs make a lot more sense now… “Make way for latest Soviet hotness! Blyat”

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