Supertest: Changes to Maps (Prokhorovka, Cliff, Ruinberg)

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After listening to your feedback over the years we decided the following changes to some of the maps. The changes will be tested on our closed Supertest servers to make sure that the changes are effective and balanced.

We hope you’ll like them and thank you for your feedback!

Rework reasons:
1. The hill was reworked because of a strong imbalance in favor of the lower base team on this front.
2. There was an ability to easily spot the team pushing the hill and shoot at players from the center of the map.

Changes to the hill:
1. A depression in the ground was added so that the upper base team can take cover from fire from the center of the map.
2. A safe place was added that allows players to shoot at the center of the map (if you are not spotted).
3. The chain of bushes was reduced and rotated so that it is impossible to spot the enemy team from there while they are in their safe spot. Now, active scouting is needed.
4. During attacks of the upper base team at the hill, if the enemy is spotted in the bushes, their time to retreat has increased thanks to changes to the terrain in the specified area, which should positively affect the support of the upper base team from the center of the map.

Minor change:
Some trees with a direct line of sight to the mountain were removed to improve aiming.

Rework reason:
The lower team has a slight advantage over the upper team.

The time to get to the high ground (in zone 5) was fixed for the upper team, balancing the effectiveness of this position with the lower team. The positions in the center of the map for both teams were also balanced.
1. The drive to the TD position for the upper team was much harder than for the lower team. Now, it’s become easier.
2. A more direct drive from the base will allow medium tanks to get to the high ground zone faster.
3. The viewing and firing lines are cleared of rubble, unnecessary bushes, and fences to support vehicles on the move.
4. The terrain in the center was changed for the upper team. You can now take cover behind terrain to avoid fire from the high ground. But the vehicle is still vulnerable if it drives up.
5. The high ground zone for firing at the center, the path, and for playing against TDs was reworked. Now this position will be as valuable and convenient as the corresponding one for the opposing team.
6. The terrain in the center was slightly reworked for the lower team. Now they will be more vulnerable to fire from the high ground as they drive towards the bushes. Also, the bushes in the center were moved closer towards the lower team to balance the position. The terrain was raised and cover was added on the path to the lighthouse for the lower team. This location will allow for fighting enemies positioned on the high ground.
7. The cliff was made into a more convenient defensive position that can be taken if the enemy team counters fire from the high ground or from the center. This position is analogous to the corresponding one for the opposing team.
8. The terrain was raised a bit for the lower team.


Rework reasons:
A growing imbalance in favor of the lower team is observed on the map.
As a result of the analysis of gathered statistical data, we want to check the following changes that are aimed at balancing the positions for the upper team. However, we want to preserve the usual battle pattern and not make it absolutely symmetrical. All changes generally affect the city.

Changes chart:

  1. A residential area was opened to create additional diversity in streets, paths, and positions for SPGs of the upper team. There are similar positions in open residential areas for the lower team. Thanks to that, additional playing space appeared and the outdated dead-end disappeared from the upper left corner of the map.
  2. Damaged building with firing points (similar to the one near the bottom base).
  3. Instead of the central temple building, there is an additional passage with positions for the upper team. It creates new opportunities for the defending team to hold off advancing enemies at the square or fight against more distant positions (the usual bottleneck at the square for the lower team was not removed).
  4. Added mounds near the building edges in these spots. The first mound at point 4 may be used by players of both the upper and lower teams.
  5. The contour of the residential area was corrected to make it more ledged on the side. This allows more positions to be taken up nearby.
  6. A position was added to shoot at the passage of the lower team.
  7. Minor change. The obstructing burned vehicle hull was removed.

14 thoughts on “Supertest: Changes to Maps (Prokhorovka, Cliff, Ruinberg)

  1. I think we’ll get to Mars first before WG fixes any of their maps.

  2. Great decision Wargaming! To rework two maps that arguably should have had a lower priority over Fjords and Ruinberg that were butchered in the 1.0 HD reworks.

    But good job on recognizing the cluster F that is Cliff! 🙂

    1. To be fair, Fjords is still retarded. But don’t have a stupidly off balance N vs S win ratio like some of these.

  3. Where the f is Mines rebalance or Minsk or at least give us the option to ban 2 more maps or so
    Almost forgot about Empires Border fml …

      1. This. For Mines any way. That should be a tier VI max map given the tiny size of it. I’m happy with the announced changes above, especially Cliff.



  4. That church was FU***D for no reason 🙁
    It looks utterly bs and i cant see the value. You dont have to drive around 10m of building? very important before corner hugging 10minutes

  5. On Ruinberg they are changing the map in favour of the upper team?! What are they smoking? I mean, we all know what they are smoking. But. What are they smoking?!

    Also, “let’s remove more vegetation” on Prohorovka, and “hey idiot, drive this way” sign for camping TDs on the Cliff … yeah, sure. Pray to MM to be top tier in your heavy tank or just camp the red line. That should make the gameplay better, right?

    Sigh 🙁

  6. Oh, great. They are going to ruin the best map in this damn game in favor of fixing all the shitty maps, and there are lot of them

  7. The days when Wargame could design make and implement a good or ‘decent even’ Map for WOT that didn’t involve
    multiple long Corridors’, Agent Orange ‘evaporating Trees, Bushes’ and ‘flat Mountains’ to favour -5 Guns for Bobject Soviet Vehicles

    Are sadly long gone …..

    So many nice Fun Older Maps deleted for ” reasons” nobody explains ever, just deleted for?
    (from say 5 years ago if you played WOT back then

    ~ most of the Maps now have been ‘multiple times over’ reworked by WG to ever new levels shit-ness that’s tragic – compared to what they once originally where

    where actual ‘Team play’ + Map skills are barely required anymore

  8. I dont get why it cant be done that the spawn gets rotated everytime you get a map. first time south spawn second time north spawn etc etc. instead of southspawn on a map five times in a row

  9. Prokhorovka changes are bad…. I like the ruinberg changes, maybe this will made the exact opposite, looks like the north will have advantage now. But the extra new roads on the north is good.
    Not so sure about cliff changes, but ok

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