Supertest: Obj. 780 (Initial Stats)

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The time has come to put a really heavy metal object to the closed Supertest! More precisely, the Object 780, a Soviet Tier X heavy tank.

Let’s dig deep into its characteristics. The 130mm gun reloading in 14 seconds has an alpha of 490 points, penetrating 263 mm of enemy armor with a standard AP shell and 305 mm with a special APCR round. The dispersion and the aiming time are 0.38 at 100 m and 2 seconds, respectively.

Protection-wise, the 2300 HP-strong Object 780 is a tough nut to crack, especially when it comes to the frontal armor with its favorable angles. The nominal thickness of armor here is 100 mm for the hull and 300 mm for the turret. For the dynamics and mobility, both are decent for a heavy: the tank can do up to 50 km/h with the power-to-weight ratio amounting to 17.5 hp/tonne

Summing up, the Object 780 is a bright offspring of the Soviet heavy assault tank family. With its mobility, it can freely choose a direction to attack and change it when needed. While the relatively low profile and the durable front armor allow for decent survivability.

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35 thoughts on “Supertest: Obj. 780 (Initial Stats)

  1. So basically they moved the turret forward on the Obj 705a, microsized its LFP, and made the armor even more angled.

    They really do like making it easier for people to decide when/if they want to quit this game.

    1. true, especially knowing they buffed it as they wanted
      this thing was a MBT from 1971, it was supposed to have a maximum weight of 40 tons and either a 125mm or 130mm gun, there’s no way they can make it a tank with 300mm of effective armor on the turret and not go over 40 tons, in fact from the power-to-weight ratio this thing only weighs 49 tons

      then again it is the same company who took a design for the T-64 MBT and made it a light tank while they also took the Obj.907, which was designed as a LT with a 76.2mm gun and a weight of 15 tons, and made it a MT with a 100mm cannon

      there’s simply not limits for their Russian BIAS

      1. I’m sorry, but where did you get the info that the 907 was a light tank? Unless you mistook it for the Object 780, which is the light tank you were describing (PT-76).

        1. has a list of all projects including photos of every prototype that underwent trials, there’s only one 907 there and the PT-76/B is designated 740/B

          my mistake, I jumped to conclusions, however the 780 was still supposed to be a 40 ton machine and that does not really fit with a Tier 10 HT, at least not for one with good armor

          and the Obj 432

          was indeed part of the T-64 MBT project and is a LT in WoT

      2. “they also took the Obj.907, which was designed as a LT with a 76.2mm gun and a weight of 15 tons, and made it a MT with a 100mm cannon”

        Bro, what are you smoking? There were TWO vehicles designated Object 907. One is the Object 907 modeled in the game and the other one you are describing is the PT-76M. You could have easily looked this up instead of creating a fake outrage.

  2. Just give us a new spg tech tree cause fuck clanwar tanks.. And fuck you trolls that will call me out because I own a fucken chieftain things Fucking cancer I want arty to Fucking nuke me as its the only counter so fuck you all who hate arty when they are a blessing in disguise.

    1. How come this guy can swear like a sailor here but if I say sh!t my comment gets automatically deleted for “vulgar language”?

  3. Another Russian Tier X monster, because why the f— not. But fear not, all you friends of German heavies out there, because the E100 will get a reduction of the aim time ( a whopping .02), a buff of the turret armour (which doesn’t count much because it is as flat as Boris Johnson’s jokes and still no match for most gold ammo in tier X), as well as a series of changes of the 12.8 cm gun (which nobody gives a flying f— about). Soon the E100 will be totally up to the current meta. Or not.

  4. I think we are getting closer to a Tier expansion, recently there has been a lot of these 1970’s designs, be it the Char Futur 4, Concept No.1B (one document dated from 1978, possibly done sooner and registered later) and now this Obj.780 from 1971
    I would not be surprised to see the MBT/Kpz-70 soon in Supertest

  5. Like jeez man!
    Go F___K yourselves Wargame

    yet Another F—k–g Over Power F–k Bobject that’s here we go RUSSIAN!!
    what’s wrong with those Vodka crack heads in Minsk

    we don’t NEED more Russian OP Bobjects in the game

    Soon the Russia Tech Tree will be 50% of the f__k Game ((and im not joking

      1. no way this tank is broken . just in other ways . the point is its another op tank and it most likely will be a clan wars only tank.

  6. Looks much more balanced that the chieftain.
    Normal AP and APCR pen, good armor to make sidescrapping but less turret hulldown skills that the chieftain have

    1. The irony being, the Chieftain Mk6 (you know, the TRUE Chieftain that everyone with a working brain has been asking for years) is also a very balanced vehicle and nowhere near as retarded as the T95 kitbash we currently have in the game.

      But yeah, with its current stats the Object 780 is rather fair, though a bit too mobile (unless it has very bad ground resistance). The problem is if WG decides to overbuff it because if it’s Russian it has to be amazing.

  7. if this is another op clan wars only reward . Im done had it with this bs its just proof wg will never change.

  8. LT-432 on steroids or what?

    No thanks WG. Just quietly kill this off in ST and bury it.

  9. Sorry for language but in all frankness, I’m sick and tired of this bullshit trend.

    Give good rewards to the top players, fine you do that, because if those self entitled twats don’t get what they want they boycott competitive game modes and if they do that WG is not happy.

    But for Pete’s sake, give a chance to the masses too.

    Object 780 might not be as busted (for now, hopefully it does not get overbuffed just because it’s Russian) as cancer like Object 279, but enough with the “rewards” that are actually no rewards at all as only a small minority of the playerbase has a real chance of getting them. Expand the bonds shop and put them there, the bond economy works even for potatoes so eventually anyone could acquire a top tier reward. Might not be as quick as a few rounds of clanwar but at least it evens the playing field a bit.

    inb4 the “git gud” crap… (no really, come on, let me hear a valid argument as to why these high tier premiums should belong to unicums only)

    1. There is no such valid argument. Giving the strongest tanks to the most experienced players alone is just plain stupid, full stop. But here are Wargaming game devs wondering in all honesty why Tier X matches are not all that popular anymore. Just read Pankov’s recent interview: He really doesn’t get it.

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