10th Anniversary of WoT: emblems, inscriptions and stickers

A glance at emblems, inscriptions and large-format decals (stickers) that are obtainable during the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks.

Now you can imagine what crew members would look like if Wargaming used some ideas from the initial game projects. 
Red alert, red alert!

A necessary thing when entering the battle in flammable vehicles.
Dog house
We appreciate your comments. As requested, your favorite dog is back! Now you’ll always be able to take your little one with you to battle and fight with him alongside you.
Christmas Tree
In general, it should remind you that you lost your sense of time, because Christmas operations ended long ago.
Global sticker
We truly envy you if you haven’t played the global map yet. Welcome to the beautiful world of easy, predictable and understandable gameplay and flexible schedules!
Disappearing Type 59
How about a magic trick? I will make this Type 59 with a complete HP disappear! I shoot, I hit the ammunition warehouse and … Ta-daa!
This fool is with me
Long ago, high-tier vehicles could enter a battle in platoons with low-tier vehicles, which in most cases did not end well. Having such platoons on your team usually didn’t bode well for it.

Gold chest
Jagdpanzer 38 (t)
Forward through the portal

Returning through the portal
StuG Life
Hetzers hetz

Warning! Teleportation!
This sticker is an artifact of the past, when the technology was much more advanced than today. In the past, vehicles could teleport over short distances. Now you can nostalgically remember this type of movement, caused by too slow connection to the Internet.

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  1. The hetzer bouncing a shell emblem is backwards and as the hetzer only has one emblem spot you cant put it the right way on the other side of the tank.

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