WoWS ST, free Premium consumables

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With the release of Update 0.9.4, Premium consumables will become free and standard consumables will be removed from the game. Thus, there will be only one type of each consumable, with the parameters of the current Premium versions.
This change will significantly reduce the number of credits spent after every battle and make the game more comfortable for those who cannot afford using premium consumables all the time.

Premium consumables in the Inventory, as well as those mounted on ships will be automatically converted to credits. “More Consumables” containers will no longer be available. Any of these containers you have on your account will be exchanged for 160 000 credits. In other containers and rewards, Premium consumables will be replaced with signals.

Source: WoWS Devblog

9 thoughts on “WoWS ST, free Premium consumables

  1. why is WoWS always SO MUCH BETTER than WoT in updates…??

    i think thats the time to let the tanks in their p2w misery and try some water machines…

    1. Most ships are not playable without premium consumables, while a small repair kit works the same as large ones most of the times.

  2. WoWs looks a billion times better until you meet carriers. Take arty, make them able to control their shells mid-air and also make their shells able to spot for themselves. voila, Carriers. I will take wheelchairs, defenders, 279es, Chiefs and anything else over carriers any day.

    1. CVs only walk over destroyers and the DD mains (very often good players) are the most vocal haters, same with LT/MT mains in WoT who get crapped on by heavies and arta. Otherwise, the only place where a CV can strike with impunity is Tier 4 where AA does not exist (and that’s a major problem that can ruin the experience for new players, but also a boon because it punishes seal clubbers in their premium BBs and Clemsons).

      From someone who’s been playing carriers since the 8.0 rework. The amount of nerfs they got so far is staggering and WG doesn’t seem to be done yet.

  3. There are far more p2w in WOWS and they just removed a tiny little bit of it. Imagine you are in a heavy tank and a special commander allows you to restore 500 hp when you get 2 frags, or you are in a light tank and you can be 5% faster when you spot 2 enemy tank.

  4. Well, atleast the WoWs team is making progress in reducing P2W. Now let’s just wait 2-3 years for the WoT team to catch up… if they ever will.

  5. WOWS is far behind WOT in terms of p2w. There are still signal flags that you can only obtain very limited amount except buying them with gold. Those signals can imrpove your performance like top speed, fire extinguish time and fire chance of HE shells with no draw back. While in WOT every single improvment on your performance can be obtained with credits, or bonds. You might say there are p2w equipments. But there are also improved equipments in WOWS that only offered for a limited time. Premium ships are usually straightly better than their techtree sisters. Musashi at tier 9 is like a defender with a gun that can overmatch every single ship in this game. If you have to dual with it with a battleship, all you can do is to ram it and hope you won’t die before that.

  6. @FlandreCirno:
    Ehhh, seems some people still don’t get it. Just because you can buy it with credits, doesn’t make it non-P2W. Do you understand that the credits need to be obtained aswell? So compare a player that obtains credits in a semi-slow rate, compared to a player that buys new credits with real money, who of these two will be able to spend credits on a larger scale?
    Also, I’m not defending other P2W aspects in WoWS, I’m simply pointing out that it’s good that the WoWS team has realised that premium ammo/consumables causes issues in the game and that they’re not actually needed for a functional game. And I also think that it’s time for the WoT team to realise this. Then which of these two games that are more P2W is kind of a futile argument, since just because one of the games is more P2W shouldn’t glorify the P2W in the other game.

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