Wargaming Player Support during COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Commanders,

As the global COVID-19 public health emergency continues to spread and create challenges for families and businesses worldwide, we wanted to let you know that we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees.

Because of this, and until further notice, the waiting time for an answer to your ticket might increase.

There are several platforms at your disposal that should help find the information you need before even creating a ticket. This will help us process those tickets that really need our help much faster.

We are sure you understand the severity of the current situation and hope you will continue enjoying our games. Please be safe.

Thank you very much.

Wargaming Team

Source: EU Support

9 thoughts on “Wargaming Player Support during COVID-19 Crisis

  1. “Bring out your dead. Bring out your dead. He’s coming for you!”

  2. Soooo. basicly while most people are at home (most likely playing games more) we do not get support from wargaming with such as rewards or other mini events, instead they send people home, making the time for tickets longer. (which can indeed be done REMOTELY!)
    But sure WG, safety first.

  3. Dear WG: Chatbots and/or automated answering scripts, CAN’T get a corona infection.

    Yours, the milki….ah, playerbase

  4. New level of WG stupidity:
    – hey WG, how can I pay your blackmail money to get my account back?
    – here peasant player, buy x amount of gold and let us know with a new ticket to take it from your account
    – but you can only pay with paysafecard because we are cunts and want to make sure you can’t charge back anymore
    – but we at WG are also idiot cunts, because of EU regulations anonymous paysafe card can’t be used for payments over 50 euro

  5. Well, this is what they get for outsourcing. No business control over whatever company is doing their job.

  6. Reading some of these comments is kind of pathetic. You guys are whining about them cutting back on customer support during the virus situation. Honestly that is quite a pathetic attitude to have.

  7. Yeah? Don’t read them then..why even post comments if you don’t like the vibe of this place, ty.

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