Coronavirus (COVID-19) Countermeasures Taken by Wargaming

Employees of the Minsk office of Wargaming were allowed to work remotely from home due to the spreading of COVID-19, although not all of them. This was reported by the press service of the company to Minsk publications.

The press service of WG stated that ” to date, the Minsk office of Wargaming is functioning normally.” However, ” employees have been granted remote access to the company’s resources so that they can work from home.” But this rule does not apply to everyone — only those whose work tasks allow it are offered to work remotely. “For each Department, the issue of organization of work is taken individually»,
— added the representatives of Wargaming.

They also said that the company ” indefinitely suspended all business trips of employees. From now on, the reception of candidates from other countries is temporarily suspended, and planned mass events (team building, training) are canceled.” At the same time, “wet cleaning is carried out daily in the offices, and dispensers with disinfectant are installed in the dining room. Last week, door handles were additionally disinfected, and each employee was given bottles of disinfectant.”

We remind you that there are 36 people with coronavirus in hospitals in Belarus, and the holding of mass cultural, sports and scientific events with international participation is restricted until April 6. The closure of the border is not reported.


PS: To all readers – please be careful when going outside. Wash your hands and quit smoking because the virus affects the respiratory system. Not smoking increases your chances of survival.

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Countermeasures Taken by Wargaming

  1. also good if smokers gave up, stops them from giving cancer to other people, loved ones, pets, random strangers, work colleagues.

    virus survives for 2 weeks on discarded butts, and smokers discard 4.5 TRILLION butts PER YEAR!!!!



  2. allowed, offered and granted.

    WG cunts acting as usual, allowing their workers to stay safe. At least the press release should have been about concern about safety and health and encouraging employees to work from home.

    Remember the Chernobyl series on HBO? That happened in their shit country under USSR management.

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