WoT 1.9: First Public Test Launch Date

According to Wotclue, if everything goes well, at the end of this month we can expect the first public test of update 1.9.

The update will most likely contain stuff that has been going to the Supertest for the last month and a half, including the new Berlin map.

3 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: First Public Test Launch Date

  1. whup whup cannot wait ((sarcasm

    not played WOT for 2 months (was killing my brain cells) so today i try it out!
    MM is still utter Over power rubbish -2MM all day
    play T7 (Capt King Tiger missions) for a laugh was bottom -2MM in 12 games,,, WG?

    any chance 1.9 will fix the Team MM and Vehicle MM? ~ like they promised 18 months ago (yeah WG THEN rolled it silently bit later in a ‘fixed it mystery patch’ back to -2MM all day feels like

    hear the sarcastic laughter all the way from Minsk ………

  2. The first thing wg needs is more maps, then mm, To much to ask wg to work on 2 things at once.

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