WoT Supertest: A46 (Initial Stats)

It’s about time to witness another newcomer blasting off into the Supertest: let’s hear it for the A46, a Tier VI light Brit.

With a top speed of 60 km/h and a specific power of 22.2 hp per ton, this vehicle boasts good dynamics. While its maneuverability is up to its mobility: the hull traverse speed of 55 degrees per second can make your head spin.

The survivability of the A46 is what you would normally expect of a light tank of this tier. The HP pool amounts to 580 points and the armor is 35 mm thick at best. As for its firepower it’s far from impressive: the 77mm gun deals 105 points of damage with a standard AP round piercing 105 mm of enemy armor. The accuracy is 0.45 (safe to say that our hero is a bit myopic) while the aiming time is 1.9 seconds.

To keep it simple, the A46 is a fast light tank best suited for active reconnaissance. It can handle maneuverability-based play. If needed it can retreat with ease—to switch position and lend support in the battle’s critical spot.

Source: WG Forums

10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: A46 (Initial Stats)

  1. xDDDDDD

    Instead of doing a proper British light branch they will sell the tech tree candidates as premiums. WG you are a GENIUS.

    1. true, and the next one will be the FV301 (the one that looks like a mini-Centurion) at Tier 7, or Tier 8 with some other “proposed” gun they “find” somewhere

      1. Loool, i looked again, you are right, my fault 😀 i thought its a wheelie…. nvm, thnx for correction

  2. Complete under power RUBBISH British Light Tank is a f’ing JOKE!

    while the French tech tree get OP jet cars with good guns that don’t need aiming at 80kph and hit 100% aimed at, but you cannot hit them as fast as rocket ships ..

    The British get this complete CRAP Light tank

    WHY btw?
    don’t the Russian tech tree/ Premiums Light Tanks get this GARBAGE to experiment with?

    if its a Premium T6 who thr F**l will pay good money for this under power joke LT
    Not me!

    Wargame grow a Brain …. and please stay off the Vodka and Coke

  3. Maybe they got enough negative feedback about trying to make Crusader a tier VI scout that they found something else. We can hope, at least.

    1. yeah I don’t see that happening, first of all this tank has been known for years and they never added it, besides that there’s really not much of a difference between both vehicles (except top speed and dimensions) so it is more likely the Crusader will get buffed instead, maybe access to the 77mm HV or increased RoF and APCR as standard ammo for the 6pdr

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