13 thoughts on “WoT: IS-6 Available on EU

    1. Its not trash. Also it does not meet tier 10…
      OH and that Renegade, nice coupola you can hit from a mile away.

      1. good luck pening something other than paper armored tanks with your is6 without gold even in tier 8 games, not to mention tier 9 games, meanwhile i can pen almost everything with my renegade. do yo have renegade? if you have it, learn to play with it, if you don’t , buy one, and learn to play with it, it is excellent 🙂

  1. Is this tank even still relevant for 2020? I can understand a little bit if they sell it for 20~ €. But 42€? absolutely insane.

    1. 20? It is one of the VERY few prefer MM there still exist.
      Never Tier X…
      You can still do your thing. Its no worse than a löwe and nobody bitches about the löwe.

      Want a tank which HAS been good but now became useless?

      Having no armor and so many other speedy tanks to face, in a time of derp guns and auto-self-reloading whatevers… it just dies. It cant hide. It cant outrun or outgun. it has no armor. its just a giant check for others to cash in! A fast moving tog, but a tog non the less.

      Its very sad but thats it.

      CMC is borderline too, but its smaller and the way higher horsepower ratio works for in its favor

  2. 30 days Premium Account is not bad.
    The IS-6 though? Probably the worst Tier 8 premium tank money can buy!
    For 42 EUR?

    Where is Consumer Protection when you need it?

  3. I play this tank that I won in Marathon back ages ago, in 2020 I can only play it with HE ammo and when top tier I play it with AP(some 8 AP shells loaded) and if I want to make some credits with it I simply forget about APCR ammo, I only use APCR when mad or out of ammo. It still ricochet some shells if you move constantly or meet people that never or rarely saw IS6 in battle.

  4. I have this tank in my garage in my account that WG illegal permanente banned my account for cheat I have not in 36k battle evidence , I’m
    lawyer and will sue WG and create hell for them

  5. “nice” tier7 premium in tier9 matches all the time with 175 or 182 base pen, doesnt matter
    give it the 122 mm BL-9 gun as intended in real life or its just a big garbage truck

  6. WG is not worth investing
    They treat US their PREMIUM members like trash
    Yes we buy the stuff from the game we should get better atention because we pay their game and for non premiums we pay for their game to be alive and their salaries
    After all these years of premium time i’ve decided to stop puring money so i recomand to all premium players to do the same
    In this moment wargaming is not serious and does not care about nobody specialy about premium players
    I hope u guys understand and mabye after 1 year they will eventualy sell this game because they are so bad at balancing it

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