10 thoughts on “WoT – Pass in World of Tanks: What Is It, How to Get the 3D Style and Other Rewards

  1. So the price in gold for the new pass and the other bits is the same as buying a tier 8 heavy premium?

  2. 6500 for the pass and 5000 if you need to buy a level up. These prices are simply making me not want to spend on the game anymore as they are an insult.

  3. Pretty much every game with a season pass makes it cost between 10 and 20 euros, and usually it comes with a ton of unique content.

    WoT’s only unique content is the skin, commander, and equipment for which you can get half for free anyway, and they charge you 25 euros for the second one. Every other content is stuff we usually get just by playing (or actually no the blueprints we can’t get anymore since they removed rewards for merits. They charge us for it now, ofc…). What a ripoff.

    That’s going to be a no for me. 6500 is too much. I’d pay 5000 MAX for that content. And even then that’s a lot for what we’re getting.

  4. It seems this is replacing the kickback they must have been getting from the Twitch packages. – but not as good.

  5. now i will miss this bevaee of WG illegal permanente banned my account for cheat I have not in 36k battle evidence

  6. 6500 (~20€) gold is a bit too much for a battle pass, when in other games the prices are around 10€

  7. Twenty earth pounds for this , rip off. They put this in to replace rewards for merits / twitch loot

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