WoWS: ST, “European Destroyers. Part 2”, Ranked Sprint, Clan Battles, and Port changes

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary, may change during testing and not appear on the main server. The final information will be published on the official portal.

The European update cycle continues in 0.9.3

In Update 0.9.3, the European destroyer branch leaves early access, the new “Strong in Spirit” campaign is introduced, and we welcome two European commanders: Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz and the unique historical commander Jerzy Świrski.

Jerzy Świrski has two talents:

  • Torpedo Reload Expert: upon earning 8 “Torpedo Hit” ribbons, the reload time of torpedo tubes reduces by 5%. The talent can be activated multiple times.
  • AA Guns Aiming Expert: upon earning 20 “Aircraft shot down” ribbons, continuous AA damage increases by 10%. The talent can only be activated once per battle.

On top of that, Jerzy Świrski possesses an improved skill:

  • Adrenaline Rush: reduces the reload time of all types of armament by 0,25% instead of 0,2% for each 1% of HP lost.

Ranked Sprint

From April 29 to May 11, the 11th Ranked Sprint will take place. Battles will be played on Tier IX-X ships of all classes in a 12 v 12 format in the “Arms Race mode”.

Clan Battles

From April 15 to June 8, the 9th season of Clan Battles will be held. Battles will be played on tier X ships of all classes in a 7 v 7 format.

Due to the addition of aircraft carriers to this season of Clan Battles, we will introduce a new rule to limit the number of ships in battle: clans can go into battle with either 1 aircraft carrier or 1 battleship in the team.

We understand that the appearance of aircraft carriers can greatly affect the gameplay in clan battles. Therefore, we will closely monitor the results of this season and, based on the results, we will decide on further steps in the development of the Clan Battles format.

We would also like to mention that there won’t be a discount on commander skills redistribution this season. This measure was required in previous seasons so that players could adjust their commanders’ skills for battles where aircraft carriers were not a factor.

Exterior section update

The restriction to the amount of special and economic signals you can mount at once will be removed in 0.9.3. You will still be able to use only up to 8 combat signals for each ship. In total, up to 21 signals can be mounted on the ship.

The “Exterior” tab has also been updated:

  • Pop-up tips for camouflages and signals updated.
  • Introduced an option to mount all available economic and special signals, as well as recommended combat signals for a ship.
  • Introduced an option to demount all signals of each type.
  • Mounting, demounting and changing color schemes of exterior elements can now be done with a mouse click on the corresponding element.

Tech tree update

Added pop-up tips with the description of main specialties of different ship groups inside each tech tree.

Other updates

Added the “Japanese Laquer” permanent camouflage for the tier X Japanese destroyer Hayate.

Added the “Victory Day” patch and permanent camouflage for the following ships: Alabama, Texas, New Orleans, Duke of York, Implacable, Aigle, Minsk, and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya.

The ways of obtaining these items will be announced later.

Source: WoWS Devblog

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