WoT: Bots on ASIA Server

A reader from the ASIA server emailed us this. Basically, a third of the team is made of bots after a certain hour:

„Hello there. As mentioned earlier, I’m a player from SEA server.(HK)
First of all, we, SEA server players, noticed that there are tons of bots ingame for so long after a specific time, like 12:00 a.m. ~ Of course we reported this issue to WG Asia branch and what they have been saying is that they should send all evidence (not only replays, but also obvious screenshots) to WG headquarters to examine whether they are bots or real players. I know that’s the obviously right procedure but bots still increase tremendously. WG doesn’t seem to have the will to solve this problem. This is a really serious problem to us.”

17 thoughts on “WoT: Bots on ASIA Server

  1. Lol what? WG no will to solve this problem?

    This is WG’s solution they put in place to solve the problem of MM having nobody to MM with.


    1. I saw multiple bots that don’t even move in FL, not just in pubs today.
      You really think that this is WG’s solution for the MM problem? even for FL?
      are you F’ing kidding me.
      By the way, this shit happened at peak time with 22k people.

    2. I saw some bots in pub today at peak time with over 22k people
      Do you really think that this is WG’s solution for MM problem? even at peak time huh?
      are you F’ing kidding me.

  2. This has been going on for the last 6 to 8 months at least. They are chinese bot farmers. Very easy to check stats after a game and find multiple accounts 3 or 4 days old with over 1000 battles. WG SEA have been trying to do something about it but as soon as they ban 1 account 10 more pop up. Talking to some WG employees they have said that there was meant to be action this month but if it was the tiny banwave we got today well, as usual its too little too late.

    1. Sorry for my ignorance, but what are they farming ? They can’t give credits, gold, or crew, or tanks to other accounts ? isn’T it ?

      1. There are individuals farming with bots on their own account, and so called “workshop” farming on a ton of new accounts and sell those accounts. Don’t be surprised that account selling or real money trade is quite popular in all online games in China.

  3. WG is too busy banning their regular players rather than cleaning house. They are never short on time to purge long term players….. god forbid you drown in battle.. insta ban. but you can bot 50 accounts for 50000 battles each and they ‘never have enough evidence’

  4. Wow, have not seen idle bots like that in years on EU on high tiers. But I suspect when your population gets low enough, they start to “group up” if they are more commonly seen there.

  5. On the European Server there are bots up to Tier VIII at least and… This has not been disclosed so far! WG only admits bots existence up tp Tier V or VI. Why? You can all check the players base… How many are playing now…
    WG took too long to address their efforts to the right issues!

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