WoT: Micropatch to Fix Frontline Issue


As some of you have already noticed, we are currently facing an issue with the Frontline progression system. The experience values displayed in-game required to reach the different Tiers are incorrect.

We are going to deploy a micropatch to fix the issue on 10 March at 03:00 CET (UTC+1).

Afterwards, Frontline progression values will be displayed correctly and all the already earned Frontline XP will be converted as per the correct values.

The conversion will happen automatically after your first battle has been played with a Sergeant rank or higher and according to the battle results. Additionally, all missing Frontline rewards will be credited as well.

Due to the update, servers will be unavailable for 45 minutes.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and will do our best to keep the downtime as short as possible.


Please be informed that an urgent micropatch will be deployed on World of Tanks Asia periphery servers from 05:00 – 05:45 UTC +8 to fix the current issues with Frontline progression; the game and clan portal will be unavailable during this period.

  • All earned Frontline XP will be converted as per the correct values.
  • Conversion will occur automatically after your first battle played with a Sergeant rank or higher as per the battle results.
  • Missing rewards for all Frontline tiers will be credited.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

18 thoughts on “WoT: Micropatch to Fix Frontline Issue

  1. What were the problems? I didn’t notice anything. Is it for the better or for worse?

      1. Nope, they’ll compensate for how much we’re grinding. Basically get up to 12 today and that should be it for the entire stage (just be aware that the conversion only happens tomorrow AFTER you play a battle and get the 2nd rank in it)

  2. So we only have to complete the ranking to 15 . That being done 4 times over 4 consecutive months?

    1. Yes. You can also just grind two of the Frontlines and two of the Steel Hunter (or any other variation 3 steel hunter and one Frontline etc etc) for achieving ONE vehicle reward.

  3. WG could do the right thing and extend the duration of the first week of Frontline by one day, to compensate for the fact the first day was a bust due to this “bug” (the pessimist in me believe it was intended and they hoped to get away with it, but oh well).

    1. Why? You won’t lose any points, progress or rank. Your total points earned is still the same. So it will adjust to the new ranks. Most will gain a few ranks when they get on tomorrow. As it was supposed to be 15K points to get to max. That’s less then 13 matches with General, vs the 50 general matches the cap was pr run last year.

  4. I’ve seen a few other bugs. Like the planes not going away once their run is done. Had one hanging about 100m above one cap zone all game.

  5. Did not work, you stay the same rank as before only the amount of XP you need is shown correctly now…

      1. They did patch it, and it’s fixed if you play FL for the first time today. The issue now is that it only updates it for a few after a battle. Most still see the old values. So that’s the current issue. It’s WG after all.

  6. Another broken patch. Thats the bottom line.
    Not one event can go without needing several fixes.
    Its literally the same event. Just copy n past and a few numbers spun around

  7. well all in all, wargaming seems unable to get out anything smooth working the last months….

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