WoT „Zulu” Twitch Prime Package – More Info

The new Twitch package, apart from the two tanks for rent, the “Elite Amethyst” style and the commemorative emblem “Stream hero”, will have nothing new.

There will be no commemorative medal or unique Commander.

“Stream hero” emblem:

Elite Amethyst style:

Source: wotclue

10 thoughts on “WoT „Zulu” Twitch Prime Package – More Info

  1. When does this last deal end? My Amazon expires on the 5th or March, and I only have it for Wot, I want to keep the King Tiger, I can call them and ask for a two week free extension. I heard somewhere, I can’t remember but they said the 5th or 6th was the Last day. Is that true?

    1. Not known yet. The package comes at the beginning of March, but renew it if you can

    2. amazon prime pays for itself. and twitch prime is jut an added benefit to it. at least in the states and isn’t very expensive. I order enough from Amazon that the free shipping covers the monthly costs

    3. check the missions tab in game, it tells you when the missions for the current pack end. new pack comes the day after that.

  2. since this is the last package their coop will probably end on end of march or start of april….and you get to keep tiger after that ….so you will only miss on month of gameplay and those missions with tiger…so if you don’t do those missions just take package and wait for it to end-no need to extend amazon prime if you don’t want to

  3. It starts in 23 hours, I want to know when Amazon and wg’s partnership comes to an end, I have seen it mentioned the night of the 5th. If that’s the case than I am good,

    1. You should be good, since you keep your loot even if you cancel prime right after you claim it. Don’t forget to also claim the King Tiger if you haven’t already. We get to keep it for good this time.

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