WoT Supertest: Pearl River Reworks

The long awaited map, Pearl River, is heading to our supertest servers on February 26th.

Here’s a glimpse at the reworked map!

We hope you like it!


Source: Official Forums

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Pearl River Reworks

  1. I never understood why so many loved this map. Most games were only focused on the HT valley. TD’s camping hill waiting to see who was brave enough to flank the side first. Asian maps have always suffered from it. Much like Emperor’s border does now with the HT corner lemming fails and fast caps as the med lane was wide open. Tho this looks a lot better on the layout.

    1. you probably never played the release version, hill was inaccessible for a good reason… to force peeps to the jungle in south, since the bridge is a death trap.

      To fix the map, WG should have widened out the bridge area and added other options to progressing through and around the bridge, like they did with the Studzianki map or new Kharkov.

  2. Sure, but still WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than Paris, Ensk… Which are ridiculously BAD! Any Tier X tank can spot on Ensk from one side to other! Just stupid! Introducing this map is one more option and a better option than many we currently have tho…
    Let’s wait and see how this maps runs this time. Like you said… the layout looks better!

      1. Neither is good, and Ensk should be limited to Tier 5-6 maximum, it’s way too small for high tiers, with maxed viewrange I can spot whole enemy team from spawn.

  3. Just re-release all the maps, WG, and ignore the whining and complaining. It will happen regardless.

  4. who, here, remenbers Dragon Ridge ?! why not re-release all old maps, why whining about when you should be glad that you have more diversity … I just wached yesterday some old streams from 2014-2015 of one of the best then (Luciquell – for who remembers him… just look at twitch acount PukanUragan) and had a nice feeling about old maps that are no longer on rotation …
    The new reworked map is looking great from artistic point of view but is not much different from old map regarding corridors.

  5. Well from a visual perspective it looks great. Only problem is that WG stubbornly continues the trend of corridors and close quarters fighting areas.

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