World of Tanks – Battle Pass: Unique Commanders

„In the Battle pass, you can get one of two unique commanders.

Working your way through the Main Progression, you have the chance to get your hands on any style and commander. All Improved Pass owners can also grab the second style. If you purchased an Improved Pass, just choose the tank whose commander you like. The style of the second tank will be credited to your account later, without a commander.”

George Barton (UK only)

„Graduated with honors from the Royal Armoured Academy as the best cadet in his class. He was a good shot. He set a school record for shooting at moving targets from a long distance. He has a huge knowledge of the specifications of most modern tanks, skillfully uses this knowledge in battle. Calm and balanced. No disciplinary penalties.”

Vasiliy Badaev (only for the Soviet Union)

„An exceptionally vicious and temperamental military man who was born and raised in a tank unit. Despite his mediocre theoretical knowledge, he copes perfectly with any combat situation. Unconventional actions give him an advantage on the battlefield.”

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5 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Battle Pass: Unique Commanders

    1. And what? Should they just give away a free battle pass? The things in the battle pass WILL NOT be broken tanks etc. JUST directives, boosters, skins, emblems, equipment etc….
      There will be a free path who you can get free stuff from. JUST LIKE THE OTHER BATTLE PASSES

      1. But unlike other battle passes, many are allready paying for Premium. PUBG is free (after purchase), Apex is free, Fortnite is free…etc..etc…thats a significant difference

    2. That’s how battle passes work,the only difference is that in other games,if you buy the battle pass for the first time,you will get enough “credits” to buy the next one.

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