World of Tanks 1.8 – New Crew Skins

Datamined from 1.8 test server. Might come in the new Battle Pass.

John Legrasse

“Ex-new Orleans police officer. Boredom and monotony made him to leave the service and go in search of adventure. Fortunately, former friends helped him find an interesting job.”

David Eekeeboo

„Experienced tankman with a soft voice, which you can associate with the video series “Tank Academy” or “Stream”. If not, be sure to check it out!”

Cornelius Durden

„Life is strange and full of twists and turns. And now her Majesty’s former gardener is ordering the crew to shoot at enemy vehicles. If you want to know his story, ask him in one of the Irish pubs.”

19 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.8 – New Crew Skins

    1. I thinks he’s very alright, so yeah, he’s liked. Maybe not from you, but from other people 🙂

      1. Wait until he shows you his other side… Let’s see if you think he’s “very alright” then 🤔

  1. Where should I put Eekeeboo? Into the Curchill GC or into the KV-5 as a radioman?

  2. First WG infested the game with artillery. Then they infested the game with armored cars. Now they’re infesting the game with an idiot as crew skin. Only place I’d ever want to put that crew skin is in the garbage can – exactly where it belongs. Actually it might not even be worthy of that place.

    1. Actually, I’m a nice person towards people that are nice against me, and I’m a cunt towards people that are cunts against me. So… Do you want to be nice, or do you want to be a cunt? 🙂

      1. So what has WG or Eekeeboo ever done to you personally? You’re just another one of these retards who continues to play games they hate. The world is better off without you

        1. Does it look like I still play the game? It has soon been a year since I played it.
          I’ve never accused WG to have done anything towards me personally. All they’ve done is to develop the game in a direction that makes me uninterested in continuing playing it.
          Regarding what the idiot has done to me – that is none of your business – but I have my reasons. I don’t dislike people without reason.
          Do you realise that you’re a hypocrite? You question what this person has done to me personally in order for me to write such things. Yet you do the same towards a person that havn’t done anything to you personally.

    1. Indeed, it’s John Raymond Legrasse. And the matchmaking is Cthlhu’s revenge..

  3. There are so many iconic WoT people that people enjoy watching… streamers, youtubers, devs, SerB, Meathead, news presenters, bloggers, modders… And all we get is Eekeeboo?

    I have a feeling he sneakily secured a position in the committee that decides who gets crew skins in game.

      1. He’s indeed great face for Wargaming EU. Two-faced and inept. Just what a company would want.

  4. Eekeeboo joined our World of Warplanes Discord server, and argued with everyone about how consumables don’t provide an advantage for several pages. (This is a clan of literally the best players on NA, by the way.)

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