Seb’s back

Hello dear TAP readers,

As you can read from the previous article, Veroxx is gone. But this is not the end. I will do my best to post as many news as possible in the free time I get at university. The past month and a half I was working on the new TAP website and its backend, fixing the various issues that popped up since switching to the new domain (error 500 being the worst offender). Will also try maintaining a neutral atmosphere, and the comments here profanity-free. My life has been full of stress since university started, causing me to „lose it” with some lame articles in early 2018, and also making me sick for life with inflammatory bowel disease. I am sorry about that. The future will be bright, with many articles, because they are pretty much one of the very few nice things happening in my life at this point. Time to post!

14 thoughts on “Seb’s back

  1. To celebrate your “come back” WG (WOT) will bring one more brand new Russian Heavy Premium tank in the next few weeks… 🙂 There’s still space for one more in the game! ahaha

  2. Welcome back Seb!!!

    all the guys that helped you out over last year with TAP were truly great worked hard and brought nice diversity with great articles and lots of interesting news with all thing WOT & Tanks

    a huge thank you to them, they kept TAP going strong and without them, well …………

    now >> the main man Seb is back and where he belongs
    (just chill relax and don’t stress out at all with TAP keep it fun to do, yes Uni is your priority we all know that

    lets get Wargame on board as well (pretty please WG cherry on top (lol never know?

    1. I learned to not stress, because it triggers a flare and makes it all way worse. Uni ends after 2021 summer, it’s 2/3 done already.

    1. Welcome back and cheers in hopes of a better future!

      Și multă baftă în continuare cu facultatea 🙂

  3. IBD can be a real pain sometimes. Hang in there, bud.

    As long as you enjoy your work here, do keep on going. But if it ever becomes a burden for you, best take another break or even quit. We all appreciate you and the other guys’ work here, but it’s not worth doing it if it’s not enjoyable. I’m pretty sure everyone’d understand.

    But for now, it’s great to have you back! (I mean, there was that one BM article, as well. Dunno if that one counts tho)

    Succesuri ^^

  4. You should consider a more ‘stress free’ fandom/hobby too.

    I do horseback riding… and i watch FIM. Yeah. Wh40k is a bit too dark on the long run.
    Of course you can find a few others too… like comics or softair sniping etc.

    1. Astronomy and software defined radio are my go-to’s. Picked them cause they can be done without internet, in the countryside where I’ll work.

  5. I’m all for a Romanian being back in charge, so this is welcomed news. Hail Caesar!

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