World of Tanks – Sandbox Ending Date + 3rd 1.8 Test Launch Date

On February 19 (Wednesday) at 12:00 (Moscow time), the Sandbox server will be stopped. You have 1 day left to get the Sandbox rewards for playing 55 battles:

On February 19 (Wednesday) at 10:00 (Moscow time), the Second General Test of Update 1.8 will also be stopped to install the update.

On February 20, the 3rd General Test of the 1.8 Update will be released in the evening. It will bring new content.

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Sandbox Ending Date + 3rd 1.8 Test Launch Date

  1. I hate to be a spoils sport, but unless you play a lot every day, these rewards ain’t that thrilling.
    Its not really a compensation for playing 55 battles on the live server…

    TO BE FAIR… its better than noting and yes, it will help to balance the game. I just think the ones putting effort into it could get a little more than that. Perhaps even a medal of sorts? ‘PatchPlayer’ or … ‘BalanceMaster’ 🙂

    1. The reason why they give the rewards are to entice people to go on the test server to get used to the new balance..

      It’s not a test! It’s already decided and they’re just wanting more people to get used to it before it goes on the live server.

    2. Actually, you do get a medal for participating. Unfortunatly it’s not a badge that you can show off during battles, but still. It is explained in Wargaming’s official video about the New Ballance.
      Here’s a link to the video with the time stamp that shows the medal:
      You get it after playing those 55 battles and after answering the questionnaire that appears in-game on the live client after the testing period ends.
      The medal is what I’m personally most interested in. I hope it comes with a badge I can show off in-battle, but I doubt it. 😛

    3. Do you REALLY think,that if 90% of the feedback about HE rework,or gold ammo rebalance is negative,WG will give a juicy brown turd about it?…….
      I cant even stop thinking,that WG never wanted gold ammo rebalance,thats why this HE and gold rework is so bad,so they can scrap the idea,and tell us they’ve listened to player feedback,and will postpone ammo rebalance for sometime in the future……

  2. If Wargame thinks that the RU home priority Russian player base don’t like these proposed ‘changes’ and they likely don’t,
    this shell rebalance none want over there, or asked for (RU WOT Forums are very rough on WG at times)

    then nothing .. nothing at all will change

    the problem of Gold spam shells is entirely 100% all on WarGame for ‘over armouring Heavy Vehicles for player comfort’ whatever the F that means (well tomatoes and the ‘W’ key comes to mind

    and of course +2MM over armoured Heavy Vehicles are almost invincible frontally to -2MM some even laugh at ‘Gold/Special’ shells with -2MM

    then add in
    small no escape Corridor Maps/ City Maps

    and well in these situations ….. what ‘special’ shells would you use in the face of total +2MM slaughter fests?
    normal AP?

    ‘it bounced, a ricochet, bounced and bounced again … crap your dead! back in Garage (again

  3. Personally

    I hope WarGame go ahead with all they plan to do from this Sandbox Shell & Vehicle ‘re-balance’ … and so again ignoring all the players everywhere (as usual

    and then?
    it all blows up in there Russian stubborn arrogant know-it-all €€€- is -everything faces

    then after Rubicon 2.0 epic disaster
    they ‘Learn’ to listen to there players who are there customers ~ pay there wages

    and do ‘What some of WE PLAYERS ask’ that’s improve the game you know Spend some more money on gameplay in WOT

    Fix the Power Creep of Super Heavy Vehicles from Tier 8 upwards
    Fix the slaughter zone corridor/ City Maps, so balanced for ALL Vehicle types (or choice to exclude them inside game client
    Fix the balance on the broken Maps
    Fix the MM once and for all (its still bad -2MM a big disadvantage to those +2MM Tanks
    Gold shells cost ‘Gold’ real money solve everything ~ or go to +-1 MM then no Gold ammo required

    in some ways I cannot wait for Rubicon 2.0
    only way thing ever will change for the better .. sad to say

  4. any news from the Russian forum, how are they experiencing this test? overall good or like on the eu forum a lot of people against the changes?

      1. Really Seb how surprising ~ really not

        the RU server players will soon loudly tell WarGame where to shove this ‘Sandbox test’ likely to where the sun does not shine

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