World of Tanks – The New Balance – All Removed Tanks, Tank Changes and New Tanks


  1. T-26
  2. AT-1
  3. SU-18
  4. T-46
  5. SU-26
  6. T-80
  7. SU-85B
  8. SU-5
  9. T-50
  10. SU-14-2
  11. KV-13
  12. T-62A


BT-7 T3 -> T4

SU-76M T3 -> T4

KV-1S T5 -> T6

NEW BT-5 (T3 LT)



  1. Pz. 1
  2. Panzerjager 1
  3. Panzer 3E
  4. Panzer 38t
  5. G.Pz arty tier 2
  6. Panzer 4A
  7. Marder II
  8. Sturmpanzer Bizon
  9. Wespe
  10. D.W 2
  11. Pz 38t nA
  12. Panzer 4D
  13. VK20.01D
  14. Marder 38t
  15. Pz.Sfl IVb
  16. Strumpanzer 2
  17. Panzer 3/4
  18. Panzer 4
  19. Pz. Sfl. IVc Toaster
  20. VK 30.01D
  21. VK36.01H
  22. JPanther 2

Vehicle changes: VK 30.01 P MT -> HT



  1. D1
  2. H35
  3. R35
  4. FT AC
  5. FT 75 BS
  6. D2
  7. UE57
  8. Lorraine 39L
  9. SARL 42
  10. AMX 105
  11. Renault G1 R
  12. AMX 13 105 the arty
  13. AMX 30 Proto
  14. AMX 30B



  1. Ha-Go
  2. Chi-Ni
  3. I-Go/Chi-Ro
  4. Type 91 Heavy
  5. Ke-Ni
  6. Type 95 Heavy
  7. Ke-Ho
  8. O-I Exp



  1. Medium I
  2. M2
  3. Vickers Mk 2
  4. UC 2pdr
  5. Loyd GC
  6. Sexton II
  7. Vickers Mk III
  8. Grant
  9. Alecto
  10. Birch Gun
  11. Stuart I-IV
  12. Archer
  13. Sherman III
  14. M2
  15. Sherman Firefly
  16. Churchill GC


Crusader T5 -> T6,ย  MT -> LT

Covenanter T4 -> T5

Valentine AT T3 -> T4

Valentine T4 -> T3

Cruiser III T2 -> T3

Cruiser I T2 -> T1

Cruiser IV T3 -> T4

Cruiser II T3 -> T2

NEW: Cavalier (T5 MT)



  1. T1 HMC
  2. T3 HMC
  3. T2 Medium
  4. M2 Medium
  5. T56 GMC
  6. M7 Priest
  7. T18 HMC
  8. T40
  9. M3 Lee
  10. M37
  11. T82 HMC
  12. M7
  13. T67
  14. T21
  15. M4A3E2
  16. T71 DA


T54E1ย  MT -> HT

NEW T6 Medium (T4 MT)



  1. L6/40



  1. T-26G
  2. M3G
  3. 113



  1. Pvlvv fm 42
  2. Ikv 72

40 thoughts on “World of Tanks – The New Balance – All Removed Tanks, Tank Changes and New Tanks

  1. Small correction: the Crusader is being made from MT to LT not the other way around

  2. I belive tech tree rework is completly useless and bad for the game, just like the HE rework. Such a shame, the hp and ammo rework were looking awesome

  3. Many historical vehicules in that list… that’s sad. Even if some would say it never been an historical game, it continues sliding to world of fantasy tanks..

    1. Wargaming are introducing new tank type: collector’s. These tanks are essentially reward tanks in how they function.

      1. but some still with researchable modules, and with no increased credits income, at least tiers 1-5.

  4. thanks for the list
    i only made a short list for higher tiers
    anyone knows what will happen with tier 6-9?
    tier 2-4 will be in new tab
    tier X will be reward vehicle

    but i did not really find what they are want to do with the tiers in between

    1. Tiers up to 6 are the new “collectors” tanks which are purchasable at any point in time, they aren’t removed from the game. Tier 7+ are also joining the “reward” tank pool, but how they are going to be obtained WG decided not to disclose and cause a shitstorm.

  5. Actually Tiers 1-5 will collectors, Tier 6+ will be rewards, and this includes:
    UK – Churchill GC, Firefly
    URSS – KV-85, KV-13, T-62A, SU-14-1(it’s not decided yet)
    Germany – VK 30.01 D, Jagdpanther II
    USA – M4A3E2, T21, T71 DA
    France – AMX 30, AMX 30B
    China – 113

    I suggest you get all of them if possible, otherwise we’ll be buying them from the Black Market 2021 for 22mil a piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. You might be right, but I’d rather spend 6.1mil credits, than 12k bonds on a tier 10. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yesterday I was looking in to the pictures and noticed that there is no LT line in USSR tech tree!!! Any info on that?

  7. Hey guys, i am pretty sure VK36.01H stays in the tech tree and wont be removed. Maybe a mild mistake?

      1. Huh? But VK36.01H is still shown on the Sandbox Server?! Is it just a placeholder? What will be the replacement on Tier 6 leading towards the Tiger? Do you guys know or have any guesses?

  8. So sad to see all those historical tanks being removed from a game that describes itself as “historical”. Its mostly a fantasy russian tanks game now.

  9. “WG – it could be worse” proved wrong. The Rubicon was a joke compared to this. I name this patch “Armageddon”. Truly, the end of times.

    I would love to know who is behind this diversion.

  10. I have 82971xp on the Jagdpanther II, what will happen to that xp and equipment?
    Also why are the soviet tanks going to be the first ones in garage when the germans are the first for years? lol how is this change better or why it matters enough to even happen? it’s just random…

    1. If you have the tank that is getting removed, you will automatically unlock the higher tier vehicle for free.

  11. Removes lower tiers, as no one asked for, keeps arty mostly in tact. Classic Wargaming.

  12. What will happen to all the XP spend on these tanks? Or the gold used to get free XP or to retrain/reskill the crew?

    Blueprints are no real compensation in case u already own the national tech tree / got what u wanted. Several 100k XP / 100 gold wasted would be slap in the face.

    Hope they will unlock the Object 140 for the T62a. But if its already unlocked? And there is no tier XI in case of the AMX-line. Any thoughts?

  13. I have AMX 30 (the tier 9) and 113, guess I’ll get two free premiums? :O

    That said, overall I’m in favor of this diet regimen, the techtrees are overflowing with tanks few care about, though I’m sad to see the H35 go, that was one cute little clubber.

    Also, LOL @ T67 getting the axe. Finally justice.

    1. Justice would be it disappearing forever. Not it will be available to anyone, anytime, for just credits. You don’t even have to grind it out…

  14. what will prevent the tech tree decluttering happen: fewer tanks => less XP to spend => less free XP converted/gold spent ๐Ÿ˜€

    but seriously, one question: will the XP used on those removed tanks be compensated for? hope this point gets clarified soon.

  15. VK 30.01 P MT -> HT, had to check that out, and indeed, a topspeed nerf from 60 -> 45, no buffs to gun, armor, or anything els to compensate for the transition from MT to HT except a HP buff, so gg WG raped another GERMAN tank.

    1. they are buffing HP like from 750 to 1400, honestly i think it is not enought to make it a heavy, and drop his speed to 45km/h from 60km/h.
      Other tanks like tiger 131 will increase his hp from 950 to 1340 and vk3601 will have now 1360 instead of 950. Mediums like vk 3001d or vk 3002 m will have 1100 and 1200. So basically they are giving it a lot of HP buff, and move it to heavy.
      the increase of HP in this tier 6 tanks is like 41% and 42,3% meanwhile the 3001 P will have an increase of 86%. But still i think is not enought to buff HP and call it a heavy just like that.

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