8 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Balance – New Mid-Tier Tanks – Cavalier, BT-5 and T6 Medium Pictures

  1. if I am not mistaken the T6 had been rumored to come as a premium or reward as far as 2012 or 2013, too bad it now comes into the game at the cost of us losing the M3 Lee

      1. you don’t get it, WE don’t lose any of those vehicles if we don’t want to lose them, however the US TT does lose the M3 Lee and M4A3E2 Jumbo and the T67, etc
        particularly the M3 Lee that is a historically significant tank, any player that joins the game 1 sec after the patch drops won’t be able to play the M3 Lee unless they add those tanks back in the game as a reward for something, like a campaign or even potentialy through the black market

        1. Are you saying that new players can’t see/buy the Collectors Vehicles?

  2. Well we are not technically losing the M3, you can still buy it for credits. I think not making first timers play something wildly different from your typical medium is actually one of the few good ideas they had with this tech three rework.
    Removing most branches bellow tier4 sucks tho…

    1. yep. Honestly i play it Lee after doing 2 or 3 german lines. First medium E-50M, then jagde100. Then i bought the lee just for fun and its a really great tank, but is not so good for firstimers.
      When u know how to use a td it is a good tank. Also really good dpm

  3. hooe this collector’s shop will be extended by a few new nations that wouldn’t get a whole tech tree for some reason. Finland & Hungary FTW

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