World of Tanks Sandbox – The New Balance – Tech Tree Changes

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The New Balance patch brings many improvements to the game, one of these: Tech Tree rework. Many tanks (92) were removed to reduce clutter in tech trees, to simplify the grind. Many low tier and some top tier vehicles like AMX 30B & 30 Prototype, Jagdpanther 2 and T-62A were removed from tech trees. Don’t worry, most of the removed vehicles will become reward tanks and be available to those who own them and also be featured in the future as event rewards.

Source: WoTClue

37 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox – The New Balance – Tech Tree Changes

  1. OMG! The M3 Lee is getting replaced by the T6 medium!

    That tank actually looks really solid for a tier 4.

    Anyway, I can… see what WG is going for here; eliminate the problem of new players accidentally stumbling into truly awful, wretched vehicles that are so bad that they make them quit the game immediately… but also in the process it looks like they cut out a lot of really good stuff too, like the PzIV ausf D.

  2. ALso I’m 1,000% willing to bet that the AMX 30 will return when WG figures out way to make a full medium line that connects them to the Renault G1R at tier 5.

    WG got into a stint of going crazy for “line consistency” from tiers 8-10, and going from the BC 12T to the AMX 30 1er was really bizarre and super jarring.

    1. They had years to come up with a line for the AMX branch but they are too busy making French reward and premium tanks.

      If they wanted to make a proper branch they would have done it already as they’ve included the Cavalier and the T6 Medium in the reworked tech tree already.

    2. Did I finally get banned from the site? My constructive response was removed instantly while I haven’t used any vulgar slang in it.

        1. I knew something was up and it wasn’t just me

          Now it says my comment is awaiting moderation. Why??

  3. Not sure what to think about this yet, but it sure looks like Wargaming is not taking any prisoners with this approach …

  4. OMG. Full crazy indeed, maybe they can streamline the process even more, just make a button to pay them, never mind all the tanks and the game.

    They made us grind through mostly awful underpowered tanks for years, to get to high tiers, many people spent real money to progress and now it’s just poof – gone, All the free exp bought for gold, all the crews retrained for gold, all just gone, AFTER we went through it.

    I spent a lot of effort on crap french AMX30, up to tier 9 now, really good idea to take from me the top tank now, after they ruined it first.

    They have a rat, a man high up that’s working for the competitors and killing the game from inside, with all king of rubucons and now this. No other explanation.

  5. pz 1c gone. Firefly gone. crusader at tier 6 (!?!?!?) SU-14-1 removed yet S-51 stays? flak toaster gone. M3 lee gone. Thank god that they removed the T67 though.

    Yet they keep in things like AMX 65t, AMX 40 and the churchills.

    Interesting that they’ve removed arty up to tier 4. I’ll miss things like the bison

  6. pz 1c gone. Firefly gone. crusader at tier 6 (!?!?!?) SU-14-1 removed yet S-51 stays? flak toaster gone. M3 lee gone. Thank god that they removed the T67 though.

    Yet they keep in things like AMX 65t, AMX 40 and the churchills.

    Interesting that they’ve removed arty up to tier 4. I’ll miss things like the bison

    Interesting that they’ve removed arty up to tier 4. I’ll miss things like the bison.

    btw, anyone keep getting 500 internal errors?

    1. not gone, they said it when they announced the simplification of the tech trees, those who had unlocked them will still be able to use them and they will also be adding a new feature to allow future players to unlock them without being tied to the Tier progression

  7. Plenty of 500 internal errors – so in order to have the t-62A in the future do I have to buy it now?

  8. I like the idea and concept, but I have two things bother me;

    Firstly, the tech tree is missing some iconic lower-tier vehicles. Be it the Germans – Marder 35 or 38t, Pz. I C (!), Hetzer (!!!), or the turreted arty (alongside the GW Panther maybe) – Pz sfl. iv b; be it the russians with most notable the killing of variety in the lower tiers – why not have the MS-1 lead to a proper II-X light tank tree, like it does now, and the T26, T46 lead to the IS-7.

    Secondly, the variety in choosing between higher tier vehicles is noticeably gone. I think that’s a step backwards. One of the reasons I love world of tanks is the opportunities to skip certain tanks. You played the American lower-tier turreted TDs? Well, then no need to play them again! Take the T28 from the T28 prototype. (i do figure it should work both ways though).

    Regarding positives, there are truly good features, most notably the KV-1 bollocks is gone! To reach the IS-7 currently (and for some time now) you need to play through two tier Vs? What? ‘The actual fudge?
    The french SARL 42 and G1 R is a proper example of useless low-tiers. But I think that proper tier II-X trees should stay the way they are right now. Easier to train the crew, easier to get used to the gameplay.

    I think this is a bit ‘overkill’, a compromise between the two would be perfect.

  9. So most of the historical tanks are removed. Hetzer, Lee, firefly and so on…

    Players: don’t change the tech tree. WG: removes 92 tanks.

    Players: nerf premium ammo penetration. WG: nerfs HE to oblivion

    Players: buff armor. WG: raises the HPs of the tanks.

    Players: stop corridor maps. WG: releases more corridor maps

    Players: ease the crew XP grind. WG: removes the whole crew, replacing it with a commander and makes the grind harder (the WoWp and WoWs know what i am saying).

    Players: more interesting and fun game modes. WG: removes Team Battles and adds new layers of grind in Frontlines (something that was fun at its launch). To top it, they add grind event after another, Frontlines this year being followed immediately by Steel Hunter.

    WTH?!! People did not ask for any of those “changes”. They’ve already asked for really specific stuff and instead they receive something that looks like Rubicon 2.0. How can you be so disconnected from what your player base wants?! How can you ignore so much your player base?!

    1. With Wargame its a Russian Company full of mainly Russian/ Ukrainian men

      arrogant, stubborn, never listen/ pretend to listen, always WG knows what’s best this always, Europe is full of stupid’s & fools ignore them all the time

      That’s Wargame over the last 6 years, complete idiots and assholes at times, many times …
      they do what ever THEY want because of the €€€ $$$ £££

      So, welcome to World of Premium Tanks // and World of Russian Tanks

      ~~ TAP is VERY buggy now, and I mean most of the day ~~
      barely loads, 500 server errors, or hangs frozen?

  10. definitely the opposite direction of what I’d want from the game. dumbest move ever, and first big step towards a planned suicide.

    This is NOT what we meant that by wanting to be able to give tech tree tanks premium status!
    FFS, Armored Warfare did this the right way from the beginning.

    1. edit: ok, seems like the tanks removed from the trees will still be available in a “collector’s shop” for ingame credits. hm… all is well then, I guess, as long as the tech tree changes will make sense from historical and engineering points of view.

  11. It seems that the 113 as been moved into the reward category (like fv215b, amx 30b, foch 155 and fv215b 183). Seen on the eekebo youtube stream

  12. we need a list of all tanks they are planning to remove
    so we could already start collecting them 🙂
    no need to wait for black market then

  13. Funny how they removed the historical T-62A from the tech tree but kept the Obj.140. Really bright persons in charge at WG 😀

  14. I feel disgusted by this
    -No interbranches connections, so you can go, for example) Porsche Tiger and unlock the Ferdinand and Tiger I
    -Not getting used to different roles early,in a game where is already full of “secret” mechanics it doesn’t explain the player how
    -It makes it even worse the disparity between Soviet Tech tree and everybody else
    Also lmao at how Soviets branch much early than other nations.

    And yet my main question is: Why? Why not just actually balance the game instead of this?

  15. I’m fine with them allowing people to keep their tier X tanks that get removed, but it would be completely retarded if they allow people to keep any tanks below X. That’s just going to promote clubbing and counteract the whole idea of making the game more comfortable for newbies. As if we don’t already have enough full-APCR T67’s bopping around seals in tiers 4 and 5. Imagine after they remove it and let only a select few have the privilege of doing it. No, just no.

    Funny how 2 of the most problematic tanks for newbies have had arrivederci said to them. Hetzer and T67. Coincidence? I think not. The last thing we need is for only SOME to have them.

  16. This is so… Wargaming

    “Historical” game they say. Remove the historical tanks, keep a truckload of magical russian tanks and completely made up ones from other nations.

  17. I fell in love with T-62A the first time I saw it on wiki or video back in those time I were still newbie. I was so happy when I finally researched and welcome her to my garage.

    But now, seeing that T-62A will (most likely) be remove from standard tech tree, it’s like WG is admitting that T-62A was a bad tank compared with object 140.

  18. It appears that some people didnt pay close enough Attention… While the Tanks may no longer bei researchable, they are still optainable without spending gold, or Waiting for some special Event.
    The t-62a ist just used very little compared to the Obj. 140, Same story with the 113 and WZ 111 5A.
    But, as they Fall Into the same category as theFoch 155 for example, it isnt that big of a Problem. Simplifying the techtree at lowtiers wont Impact historical accuracy, as the tanks will still ne available and this will also make lowtiers alot more beginner-friendly and easier to Unserstand. And lets be honest, noone needs lowtier arty

  19. Russian have so graciously cut down their 10s from 14 tanks to 11.

    Currently of the 14> 12 are napkin designs anyway!.


    I see T62a is gone, what else is going that we need to panic and scramble for right now?.

    PS scramble=money to WG.

    Someone needs to list ALL the tanks we need to get NOW.

  20. So remove so many tanks from the trees but allow users to keep them in their garages. What really galls me is that the tank lines removed that I have spent time climbing suddenly can’t be progressed as there is no way to progress from vehicles removed from the tech tree. So I have to start from lower down the tree and grind up again. Great lesson on how to implement “improvements” and annoy your customer base which have been playing for years.

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