7 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developer Diaries – New Balance

  1. The video is working.
    Also, this list… Can you spot the tanks which are not available (anymore)? (And before you ask about the Chieftain Mk. 6 being in the list, I suppose they have to include it because it is available in Chinese servers (or just Asian ones? Please correct me here).

    1. thats not the list of removed tanks, thats the list of tanks that will keep some penetration values (or have higher damage) on HE shells

      1. What I meant by that is that these tanks are also changed, some of them not even available in the game (for most people). Sorry I didn’t make my comment clear. I was just surprised to see the mentioned tank on the list while it’s not available at all, as far as we know…

  2. Blitzkreiging the PC game! Fix the game economy, reduce the grind. The querty tanks are the attraction of the game. HE shell changes are metrofication for the inept players. Yes remove premium ammo first or restrict it to 10% of the load out.

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