World of Tanks Black Market – 4TH OFFER – 105 leFH18B2

Quantity of tanks: EU – 3000; RU – 10000;

Price:  300 gold.

Sold out in almost 5 seconds on EU and in under 25 seconds on RU.

Please also check if you won yesterday’s auction. I got the Chrysler K GF for 4.5 million credits.

19 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 4TH OFFER – 105 leFH18B2

  1. This one was a real catch. Bought one as soon as I saw it come in. I wonder how fast it’ll sell out

  2. WG doing their best to make sure no new players ever stay for longer than 3 days…

  3. Sheit….it was more like 2 seconds, couldn’t believe it…Nice to see WG actually looking to fix the game, by putting even more of these in the game, as if to make the low tiers completely unplayable

  4. I was sitting at my computer at 5:00. When LefH18B2 started to show up, it was already sold out.

    1. Same here, never had a chance do press that button – it never went on – fu wg

  5. 300 units for 21k online players for a combined HK and AUS/NZ server BM.

    Sold out in less than 2 seconds from my point of view, but you need to calculate the lag and ping to server.

    They were ALL sold BEFORE the AUS server and players on HK server who have 200+ ping and lag, could even register to buy.

    Apparently server logs show they were all sold out 15 seconds BEFORE AUS server players even saw them populate on BM…


    It’s not a case of first come first serve, it’s a case of who is closest to server with decent ping and no lag, served first.

  6. I got one from Canada, on EU. I have 120ms ping. So its not always the lag, but could be page update delay for some. My page updated at 15 secs, my transaction time shows 23 secs.

  7. How much win is the black market for WG? I see buckets of frustration and now also sealclubbing poison. Is it worth it? Quick cash in pocket even if it will make some players bail. Slava went to politics, but “Tanks are over” mindset remains.

    Somebody asked in older thread where is the scam. See it now?

  8. It was really nice to see the online counter. 4.50: 24k online on EU. 5.00: 33k.
    Just to have the chance to get one or another “rare” Prem tank. Bit thix thing is the toxicity in its purest form. It is the best way to force new players to ragequit the game.

    1. How many were available on EU? If previous comment indicating only 300 sold on SEA are correct then the numbers sold probably wont have much impact (especially since they flooded the game with these things in loot boxes a year ago)

  9. Sold in like 2 sec on NA, I was primed and ready and couldn’t press the 2 buttons fast enough and didn’t get it lol

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