Project CW: “Nord Oko” Map

Often mistaken as the name of this secret military base, Nord Oko is actually the name of the large satellite dish in the middle of the base. The base layout for Conquest is an X-type (2 home bases for each team and 1 equivalent base in the middle of the map). Currently this map supports the Conquest and Domination game modes.

3 thoughts on “Project CW: “Nord Oko” Map

  1. What’s this the 7th new map for this new game? Meanwhile wot gets zero new maps. Pretty obvious where wot is going into maintenance for 2025

  2. Next stillborn from WG.

    Will they ever get it ?
    WoT is THE ONLY GAME that they need to focus on.
    No, let’s milk WoT dry.

    Honestly, the stupidity of WG is mind-blowing

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